Our Weekend in Scottsdale

Years ago I proudly claimed that I lived for a weekend vacation and a weekend vacation only. If I stayed somewhere too long, I got a little antsy. Scottsdale converted me. I could stay there for a month and it still isn’t long enough. I live for the desert air {NO HUMIDITY-PRAISES}, the restaurants, the views. Last weekend Paul and I got to sneak away for a birthday trip and I was deeply disappointed we came home Sunday. Had Maxi been with us, I surely would have tried to convince him to take off work an extra day. The only thing getting me on that plane was missing Maxi and Peaches desperately.

We first went to Scottsdale a few years ago for a friends’ wedding and since then, we always want to go back. From hiking to patio dining with chilled champagne, it’s the perfect “his and her” weekend- in my humble opinion. We can be busy with all the places to go and patios to peruse, I can relax at their incredible spas, Paul can get in a game of golf, we can enjoy the outdoors, or we can just hide away at the resorts. If you go with your girlfriends, I have to say, Scottsdale has pretty phenomenal shopping, too. If our family agreed to move, I’d up and move in a heartbeat! ha. Plus, when we go I run into so many of y’all and feel like I’d already have friends. Right?!

Many of you all said you were headed to Scottsdale soon, so I wanted to share where we stayed and where we ate, to give you a few ideas for your trip! Now, I haven’t been a lot, so I’m sure many of you all have more recommendations- but hopefully, this small list gives you a good starting point.


We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort at Troon North. Now just to note, if you like to be out and about all day, this resort is about 25-ish minutes from most of the places we like to eat. However, we LOVE to drive around Scottsdale {you don’t really get scenic views in the Dallas/Fort Worth area} so it is relaxing to us. Plus, we loved the view at this resort so we would 110% stay here again. Last time we were in Scottsdale, we stayed near Fashion Square and we enjoyed that too, but something about the drive here really reminded us of our honeymoon in Maui and driving around, so we enjoyed it.

If you stay here you must do two things: the spa and dinner on the patio. While I don’t get frequent facials, I do treat myself on vacation. But to be honest, I don’t always love them. The steam can be heavy and if anything I stay there thinking, “Oh gosh, am I going to break out in 2 days from the purging?” I have a love/hate relationship with them. This facial was beyond and she knew a ton about facial massage and I fell asleep during it- which never happens. Also, the patio at this resort is so stunning, you have to sit on it and get the Prickly Pear Margarita and watch the sunset!

I also hear that the JW Marriott Camelback Inn is absolutely divine! Now if we were to stay a little longer next time, I’d do the 2-hour drive to Sedona. My parents’ favorite spot in Arizona is Sedona, but Paul and I have never made the trip. Does anyone have recommendations for spending the day there?!


Olive & Ivy: Brunch

We’ve had brunch here twice and it doesn’t disappoint. Now, people keep telling us to eat dinner there so we definitely will next time around. My pick is the Artichoke Flatbread!

Zinc Bistro: Happy Hour

We like to enjoy happy hour here and have in between that time where you land and need to check in for your hotel. It’s a little French spot and we love their patio, cocktails, and oysters!

Ocean 44: Dinner

This is quite a swanky seafood spot {make reservations early} that will have you feeling like you are on a Real Housewives franchise. It’s just a fun people watching spot that feels really luxe. The bread is SO good you could just eat that and feel like you made your trip worth it. And not to tempt you from ordering dessert, but they give you warm chocolate crinkle cookies with your bill, so if you aren’t craving a huge dessert just wait because you get that at the end! 🙂

Lon’s-Hermosa Inn: Dinner

Best date I’ve ever had in my life. Sorry Paul, this even beats the dinner we had when we got engaged. This is truly the most magical spot I’ve ever been to. This restaurant is at a boutique hotel and you must be a little specific with your reservation. You want to call them a little bit in advance and request the perfect patio spot at sunset. Get the Ahi Tuna and you’ll thank me later. It’s the most beautiful ambiance and the dinner is coursed so that you truly sit and enjoy your date night. We sat and talked for hours upon hours and the service was just as wonderful as the food. It isn’t “in your face” fancy like say, maybe a really fine steakhouse. It just feels intimate and hidden away. If we are talking Real Housewives here {I don’t know the comment above about Oceans 44 got me thinking} Yolanda Foster would eat at Lon’s- I’m sure of it.

Other favorites we have enjoyed or readers have suggested:

Diego Pops, The Henry, Chopshop, Pizzeria Bianco, Cafe Monarch, The Mission, The Montauk, Sugar Bowl


We’ve only been to Scottsdale in the spring or fall {I’m not brave enough to head there in summer} so I typically wear dresses with jean jackets at night and jeans and sweaters in the day. Here’s what I packed:

  1. VACAY Sweater: I wore this on the plane with these jeans and these slides. This is a travel-must in my opinion and I’m wearing a size S.
  2. Sheridan French Maxi Dress: This dress is what I’m wearing in the above photo. It runs TTS and I’m wearing a size 0.
  3. Pearl Jean Jacket: I wore this daily and the pearl accents dress it up enough to throw it on over a dress for dinner. Some of these spots we dined at are a bit on the fancier side, so had it been a traditional jean jacket, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable. While I know a pearl jean jacket can be a stretch for some, I believe it adds an edge to your casual looks during the day and feels feminine enough for a dress at night. Mine is TTS and I’m wearing an XS.
  4. Star Sweatshirt: I always pack this sweatshirt and I’d wear it to the spa or in the morning while we drank coffee on on our patio. I also wore it to the pool one day while we just laid out and read.
  5. Pink Leggings: I wore these pink leggings with my star sweatshirt while we walked around the resort or got a coffee.
  6. Yellow Sweater: This is the yellow sweater I’m wearing in the picture above and I paired it with cropped denim.
  7. Lo Jewels Scarf: This butterfly scarf is what I threw over my yellow sweater for the afternoon.
  8. Ganni Dress: I wore this to a dressier dinner and tossed my pearl jean jacket over it.
  9. Zara Sweater: I picked this pompom sweater up in Scottsdale and wore it while we walked around some shops. This sweater runs TTS, I’m wearing a S.
  10. Rebecca Taylor Dress {c/o}: I wore this with my blue suede jacket to our last dinner in Scottsdale at Lon’s at the Hermosa Inn. This dress runs TTS, I’m wearing an XS.
  11. Blue Suede Jacket: This is a dressier jacket and is the softest blue shade! I’m wearing a size S.
  12. Heart Earrings: These were on my wishlist for just about a year, and when I finally got the e-mail they were back in stock I had to take the plunge.
  13. Pink Sunglasses: I wore these all weekend and feel like the subdued pink is a nice addition of color.
  14. Staud Bag: I actually used the insert as my travel makeup bag, so I carried the clear bag alone all weekend and loved it. If you use colorful makeup bags to hold products inside, it makes it all the more eclectic.
  15. Blush Mules: These were the only flats I brought and treated them as a neutral with my looks!
  16. APL Sneakers: I go up half a size in APL Sneakers and wore these around the resort and while walking the trails.
  17. Pearl Bracelet: This was a Shopbop sale purchase and I just wore this with another bangle most of the weekend!

I hope this little weekend trip recap can be somewhat helpful whether you need some travel outfit ideas or a brunch recommendation! If you live in Scottsdale, would you leave a few of your favorites below to help the other girls heading there?! I’ll also take notes while I convince Paul we need another weekend there with Maxi!

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  1. Scottsdale looks so awesome! Seems like you really enjoyed your weekend away, Katey! 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 17 Mar 19Reply
  2. Becca wrote:

    Sedona – the pink Jeep tours are so fun! And can easily spend a day just walking around downtown in the little shops. Also Tlaquepaque which is another little shopping center, but so beautiful. Sedona is also great if you’re into hiking but I traveled solo so I was afraid to go out hiking alone. There’s lots of spas and yoga and it’s very spiritual there! Truly an amazing place.

    Published 17 Mar 19Reply
  3. I’ve yet to go to Scottsdale! But it’s definitely on my list! <3

    Blondie in the City

    Published 18 Mar 19Reply
  4. Fabulous Katey! I feel like I just went on a mini vacation reading about yours. Super detail too. I wish yellow looked good on me as I like the yellow sweater with the buttery paired scarf. What is the scarf made out of? I checked the website link but only size was there. Interested in material. Thanks!

    Published 18 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Tracy! My apologies on just now seeing this comment- packing with our move got the best of me! It is a silk! 🙂 I hope that helps! xx, Katey

      Published 07 Apr 19Reply
  5. Taylor wrote:

    Sedona is amazing. I was only there for 24 hours but that’s all it took to make me fall in love with it.

    Published 18 Mar 19Reply
  6. Dee wrote:

    I love Scottsdale, especially all the hiking you can do without even leaving the city.. Zinc Bistro has such a great patio too 🙂

    You really should do a daytrip to Sedona next time you’re out there.. the landscapes are absolutely stunning.


    Published 18 Mar 19Reply
  7. Kathryn wrote:

    I love your blog…it’s the only one ,so far, that I do t find the slightest bit boring. I wish I could start from the beginning and read …because I became a reader when you were pregnant with maxi…but I wasn’t an everyday reader like now.


    Published 20 Mar 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Such a sweet comment, thank you so much! 🙂 xo, Katey

      Published 20 Mar 19Reply
  8. Karen wrote:

    Thanks so much….I’ve made notes for our upcoming trip!!

    Published 22 Mar 19Reply