Mother’s Day Gifts 2019

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It was a bit quieter on the blog this week as my mom had a procedure for her RA on Monday. All is okay- they just had to check something out. So we spent the first part of the week with my mom while she healed, and the rest of the week just hanging out with her.

Lots of coloring & lots of Doc McStuffins! Peaches is such a good sport.

Now let’s talk Mother’s Day. What do you gift the woman that answers her phone each time you have the most minute grievance to vent about? What could you possibly buy the woman that treats you like you hung the moon? It’s easy to feel stuck on Mother’s Day and revert to typical gifts like candles and body lotions- which I will NEVER turn down. Nor will most mothers. 😉 But today’s post shares my go-to gifts for your mom, mother-in-law, or even yourself. I won’t judge if you send this blog post to your husband. I mean, I pray mine is reading this. ha!

  1. Monogrammed Jewelry Case | A monogrammed linen jewelry pouch is a classic gift that she will have for decades. I see these all the time, however, most of the time these pouches are sold by boutiques so you have to go in store to pick up. I was so excited to see one of my favorite online retailers for monogrammed items has these for Mother’s Day. Trust me, you cannot beat this price of $59- the monogram is free! I have seen these at boutiques in Dallas for upwards of $200.
  2. Silk Set | One thing I’ve noticed my mom has done as she has gotten older, is she has purchased more “personal” pieces- and I’m not just meaning monograms. She was home with her daughters for 26 years and didn’t have one item we didn’t steal. From shoes to makeup, we are STILL bad about it. Sorry, mama! This week I stole borrowed a pair of Tory Burch sandals and my sister is known to take all of her sweatshirts. So she really gets excited about pieces like travel pillows and eye masks that are ALL her’s. Even if she is going to Disney with her whole family, knowing she has her own little set for the flight is just something special and it is quite her right. This slip set is a beautiful gift that won’t mess up their hair traveling.
  3. Mama Necklace | If you like my “Maxi” necklace, this “Mama” necklace is under $70 and comes in gold and silver. This is a wonderful gift for a mom that just announced her pregnancy! I received a few e-mails about that this week, and I definitely recommend this. New mamas will receive many a picture frames and knick-knacks for the nursery, so get her something JUST for her!
  4. Card Case | Hey, husbands. This one is for you! Your wife just gave birth. What could you possibly get her? You may splurge a tiny bit more the first Mother’s Day and this chic, leather pouch is the perfect way to do it. It will probably be a while before she is carrying her own purse with a large wallet, so getting her something for her key ring that she can keep cash and cards in allows her to carry her baby into the grocery store- as easily as one can with a newborn. I also recommend adding the O-Venture key ring so she can keep it all on her wrist! This O key ring is another fabulous gift for moms-to-be. I have religously carried mine for 2 years and gift it to all my expecting girlfriends.
  5. Watch | This is my new watch from Michele, part of the High Shine collection. It wasn’t “made” for moms, but it’s definitely made for that mom lifestyle. The entire concept is to have a watch that works just as well with workout clothing and running errands as it does for a baby shower. It comes in different metallic options- I have silver! In different lights, it looks lighter or darker, so more feminine or more sporty. It’s also an incredible price point for Michele.
  6. Earrings | I shared these earrings in this blog post and think any mother would love the elegant accessory to wear this summer! Code “Katey” at checkout will get you 20% off!
  7. Bag | This is the ultimate chic handbag of 2019. If you are wanting to spoil your mother, get her this neutral Tory Burch. I was at a luncheon and one girl wore this bag on her shoulder. You wouldn’t believe how many people asked her about it. It’s a seasonless piece she will always carry.
  8. Tea Kettle | I’m minorly obsessed with SMEG appliances. I have their juicer and toaster. When I worked at a PR firm, we all used the electric tea kettle incessantly, so this would be perfect for your mom’s office or if she loves to host. Tea is ready for guests in a few seconds! Plus, it’s not an eyesore on your kitchen counter, either. 😉
  9. Cosmetic Pouch | Y’all sell out Stephanie Johnson makeup bags SO quickly. I always share them around Christmas and by noon they are gone. ha! These are beautiful cosmetic bags that ladies can’t get enough of, and if this gold tweed option doesn’t seem like the prettiest travel companion, I don’t know what is!
  10. Cache Pot | From a pretty planter to a kitchen catch-all for mail, your mom will certainly use this Target find for years to come.
  11. Pearl Bracelet | I’ve been wearing this pearl bracelet for a few months and it’s such an eclectic twist on a classic accessory. If your mom loves to layer bangles, she’ll appreciate this addition wholeheartedly.
  12. Heart Mug | If you need a gift for a boyfriend’s mother, grab this mug! I got this mug a few months ago and it is by far my favorite one I have! You know you are a coffee lover, when you judge mugs by their “lips” and how the coffee goes down. ha. Not only is it great for sipping coffee and tea, but it’s also just a beautiful piece for her coffee bar.
  13. Straw Hat | If your mom is into gardening, she’ll love a gorgeous straw hat to protect her skin from the sun. I mean, I’ll just take this for the pool! 😉
  14. Hair Perfume | My mom introduced my sister and I both to hair perfume. My mom always talks about how as she ages, her skin gets far drier. She could go a week or longer without washing her hair and never needs dry shampoo. She says she just doesn’t produce oils like that anymore! She hated to use dry shampoo to “freshen” up considering she had nothing to really absorb, so she got into hair perfume. This Gucci Bloom is one of her favorite scents!
  15. Colleen Rothschild Mask Set | If your mom taught you everything you know about skincare, indulge her with a Colleen Rothschild Mask Set. From brightening to tightening this set does it all, and will feel like an at-home spa day. My code “COF20” should give you a discount!
  16. Slippers | My husband knows the way to my heart is slippers! Being home with Maxi 90% of the week, I live in slippers. If you know a new mama, treat her to these. She’ll feel fancy enough when visitors come over, but still comfortable in her own home. I always, always, always go up a size in slippers to make them extra cozy.
  17. Robe | Barefoot Dreams is a brand my family fights over. We have one BD blanket in our house and everyone tries to take it. My mom feels the same way, so if you treat your mom to this robe you can’t go wrong! I promise once you feel a Barefoot Dreams product you’ll understand the hype.

And if you want to browse by price, here are a few go-to options under $100!

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Want a fun event to shop for Mother’s Day? Next Tuesday in Dallas you can come shop with me at Kendra Scott WITH KENDRA SCOTT herself! We will be celebrating the new Summer Collection and sharing Kendra’s favorite Mother’s Day gifts! I’ll be hosting with Cathy Williamson and Kendra Scott so be sure to RSVP your spot here. It is from 6-8, so bring your mama, and let’s shop! I hope to see you there. 🙂


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  1. These are beautiful, they’re such great ideas, Katey! I love the monogrammed jewellery case. Perfect for Mums everywhere! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 26 Apr 19Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    Glad to hear your mom is doing well after her surgery! I actually just listened to Indie Lee (who also has RA) talk about a new product she just launched that is the only thing that helps soothe the pain from her RA. It’s a clean version of Bengay but with essential oils. Not sure if your mom has tried it out but thought I would throw it out there!

    Also – I have the MAMA necklace and love it! It’s like a second skin necklace for sure! I work out in, shower in it, etc… Still looks brand new.

    Have a great weekend!!

    Published 26 Apr 19Reply
  3. Rebekah wrote:

    I love hair perfume! My favorite is Hair Shots. They have so many great scents for little girls and moms! I also love how it was started by a mom for her daughter.

    You should check her out for you and Maxi!

    Published 26 Apr 19Reply
  4. The other week my husband made a comment about my Barefoot Dreams cardigan and I told him the story you shared about how Maxi got sick on a BD blanket once on a road trip, and he laughed so much. I was trying to explain to him the wonderfullness that is all BD products. Thanks for sharing these gift ideas!

    Published 26 Apr 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I seriously love and appreciate that you remember that! haha! I will NEVER forget! Neither will my husband. 😉 xx, K

      Published 26 Apr 19Reply
  5. Laura Leigh wrote:

    These are all so cute! I’m pretty sure my mom would be very happy with any of these!

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 26 Apr 19Reply
  6. Love these! I just purchased a few Smeg products and I am OBSESSED!

    Blondie in the City

    Published 29 Apr 19Reply
  7. Laura wrote:

    Great gift ideas Katey!

    I think a watch or a nice piece of jewellery is always a great option for Mother’s day. I hope you have a great day this year! 🙂

    – Laura |

    Published 30 Apr 19Reply
  8. Bridget wrote:

    Great list, Katey! Selfishly, I’m dying for the SMEG toaster but read someplace several reviewers saying that it shot their toast out when it was done. I’m all for a little excitement but don’t want to chase toast every morning. What’s been your experience?

    Published 02 May 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! oh my so odd! Mine has never shot out! I love ours! xx, Katey

      Published 02 May 19Reply