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Y’all, life has been a BLUR lately! Where do I begin?!

Let’s start at the beginning.

When we built the last house, we really didn’t have a timeline. We needed more space with Maxi and so that I could continue to work from home. I remember doing an Instagram Live or Q&A and someone asked how long we planned to be in the house. We thought we’d have our kids there and then see what happened. We had been a little apprehensive due to the distance we were from our family. In the home we built, we were about 40 minutes from my family, an hour from Paul’s family, 30 minutes from Paul’s grandmother, an hour from his siblings. Now, don’t we get me wrong- that’s a blessing and a privilege 99% of the world would crave! However, it was very different than how Paul grew up. I grew up with grandparents states away {Oklahoma and Georgia} so to me, the 40 minutes to an hour drive felt like a huge positive! Paul grew up right by his grandparents, so he remembers his childhood with his grandmother picking him up from school certain days a week, etc.

With all of that in mind, we didn’t have a “firm” timeline, but we figured we’d bring our children home from the hospital and raise them as toddlers in this home. We built it *for* toddlers {open concept and site lines!} so we felt like it was a win-win.

Then so many things happened last year. I could sit and write 18 paragraphs on every little detail of last year, but basically, it boiled down to some health issues with family and needing to be closer. While we were building, my mom’s doctor kept telling her she needed one or two hand surgeries for the damage her RA had caused. It’s a huge challenge to have these surgeries because she has to be off her medication for a month prior and a few weeks after plus the healing time. Well, two surgeries turned into four and now she needs a fifth. This next one is quite major. Her surgeon was expressing to me it was a 6-7 month recovery and his exact words were, “She’ll hate she had this surgery and hate me until at least 6 months post-op.” We started to feel a little more apprehensive about where we lived. When my mom has surgery, I normally care for her as my sister is in college and my dad travels a lot for work. The 40-minute drive back and forth all day started to really seem much further than it was. I’d be in the car for 3 hours a day just getting Maxi to and from and picking up prescriptions- thank you to my friend Cierra who lives RIGHT by my mom and drops off a chicken dinner with EACH surgery! I never even have to ask! My mom’s RA caused it to where she really couldn’t drive to our home with her hands and we hated that for her. Our home felt like this constant reminder of what RA had done to her.

But I tried to just put that in the back of my mind because I felt really fortunate to be able to even drive to her, so why should I complain?

Our friends started to see all of our driving with the situations that happened last year and everyone from my mother and father-in-law to friends at church were like, “Why on earth don’t you move closer to family?!

So we started to browse. But we started to browse in the fall- which is such a frustrating time to look. Who wants to sell their home after kids are settled in school?! We tabled the discussion for a later date and spent our Sundays going to open houses.

Around Christmas, I found the home we just bought! We walked in after a Santa brunch with Maxi and Maxi couldn’t stop playing in the back yard. It was the first home we saw that I felt would be the best move. {It’s hard to compare homes you look at to a home you built for your family!} Paul didn’t want me to get my hopes up because it’s just such a lackluster time of year to list your home.

I put the thought in the back of my mind and just thought we’d move July/August of 2019, with the aid of companies like Edmonton movers.

On Valentine’s Day, Paul came home from work and we went on a walk with Maxi. He said, “Let’s just go ahead and list! Let’s just see. Why are we making this harder on our family that it needs to be?”

I didn’t even mention listing it because someone had told me it would probably take around 64 days to sell our house so I tried to not get my hopes up and not think much. We listed our home end of February {weekend before my birthday I think!} and our home went under contract in a day. Um yep, when I finally listened to God’s plan- he acted fast!

The home we looked at at Christmas was still available, we put an offer on it, and everything worked out. It felt so surreal and just honestly, a relief.

This new home was such a gift from God in terms of location. We moved for location and we are now 14 minutes from my parents, 22 minutes from my in-laws, 6 minutes from Paul’s grandmother, 8 minutes from Paul’s job. We can’t think of a better gift to give Maxi than the ability to see her grandmothers and great-grandmother weekly if she wants!

But trust me, I couldn’t write this post without mentioning that I know this is a privilege. I grew up without grandparents around, so I know how hard it was for my mom to balance things when she was sick or we were sick. I don’t take that for granted. But I finally had to accept that our circumstances with my mom’s RA are just different than what I grew up with. I felt so guilty moving after building this home 2 years ago, hence, why I kept telling Paul to table to the discussion. But some people move twice their entire marriage and some people like my grandparents move 48 times- my grandfather was a home builder. 😉

When my mom has a bad day with her RA, I want to be able to drop everything and get to her quickly. I want to be able to drive her anywhere she needs her next surgery. And while 40 minutes wasn’t horrible by any means, when you’re working and have a little one, the trips back and forth seem so much further.

So needless to say, this past month has flown. I was almost so nervous at how smoothly things were going I didn’t tell many people we were moving because I felt so shocked seeing how quickly the Lord worked everything out. Ha! Why should I ever be shocked when he pulls at our heart?!

There’s definitely projects in the next house, including pest control. But you can’t put a price on being close to grandparents, so they will slowly but surely get done. I feel no rush because I joke with Paul we are NEVER moving again.

I can’t wait to share with you all how we make this next house a home. Like many homeowners, we are planning to improve lot of things in our new home. We’re thinking of changing the decor in most of the rooms, finishing and getting professional waterproofing services for the basement, hiring a pest control company to inspect the whole property and ensure that there are no hidden critters we might have to deal with in the future, and maybe a few remodels.

Let these pest experts put a pest control plan in place to protect your home.

Maybe you are planning to hire the top Pest Control services, you can check out online sites to learn more.

But ultimately, I just feel excited to share this next chapter with you as my friends. This past year was a rough one emotionally watching my mom with her health {I haven’t shared a lot with her lately} so to know I can be there at the drop of a hat feels like the greatest gift in life.

And I look forward to my daughter having the same childhood my husband had- right by grandparents. Today my mom cried happy tears being able to drive to our new house and that solidified this was the easiest decision to make.

P.S. I get lots of realtor questions via e-mail for my DFW girls! Our realtor is Ruthie McLaurin. She’s amazing! Her number is 817.703.8200. 

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  1. Lex wrote:

    It makes me so happy that everything fell into place and His plan worked out so perfectly for your family! Lots of love xx

    Published 03 Apr 19Reply
  2. Madison wrote:

    So happy for y’all!! My Mom always jokes that when I have kids her and my Dad will mover closer because we are such a tight knit family and I was so close with my grandparents. It is such a privilege but still so awesome y’all were able to do this! And talk about a move causing a stress reliever which is unheard of! Haha but I’m looking forward to your next blog posts about this home! And congrats!!

    Published 03 Apr 19Reply
  3. Amber wrote:

    Congrats Katie and fam!! I know everyone is excited. Am I remembering correctly that you thought your last home would be your forever home at one point? I always think it’s funny how we try to set our own path and God is like nope! Can’t wait to see how you put your own spin on the new place. Off to read your skincare post…

    Published 03 Apr 19Reply
  4. Taylor wrote:

    I’m so happy things worked out for your family! My mom has multiple sclerosis so I can relate to what you’re saying on so many levels. I’m 23 and still live at home so that I can help my mom with cooking and cleaning. It’s such a blessing to be close to your parents especially when they need you. Everyday my mom tells me how blessed she is to still have me at home to help her. I can’t wait to hear more about the new house!

    Published 03 Apr 19Reply
  5. Sarah wrote:

    Congratulations on your move! I can’t wait to see how you decorate your new space! xoxo

    Published 03 Apr 19Reply
  6. Congratulations, Katey! 🙂 I’m so happy everything worked out for you. Enjoy your new home. 😀 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  7. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Girl I just adore you. Literally teared up reading this. I love that you give all the glory to God for working this all out for you and timing everything perfectly. I am so happy you will be closer to family, life will be easier, and more memories will be made.

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  8. Steph wrote:

    So happy for both of you. What a kind and supportive daughter and I’m sure Maxi will be so excited to visit Gigi more often. Congratulations! Saying lots of healing prayers for your mother ❤️

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  9. Caroline Klobas wrote:

    As soon whose grandparents picked me up from school every Tuesday/Thursday until I could drive, living as close as possible to grandparents is the greatest gift you will ever give your children. My sister and I spent the night at their house *every* Saturday until we were 12 years old. My grandparents were the highlight of my childhood. I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it. Trust me, you made the right decision!

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  10. Cierra wrote:

    This is the best! So happy for your family. Way to go, Ruthie!! ??????

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  11. Sarah wrote:

    I cannot agree more that you cannot put a price on being close to family. We moved last year to be closer to our family in a home we didn’t love (and still don’t totally love) but as my little one took his first steps, learned to play hide and seek, and has more room to roam and play – I realized our family is what makes a home, a home. Plus gets to see his grandma & grandpa every day and he LOVES it.

    Congratulations on your new home!! My heart is so happy for you and your family!!

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  12. Jessica wrote:

    So happy for y’all! I’d love to be able to live closer to family. And so nice Paul has a shorter commute to work. That’s a huge plus too! Some days with traffic it can take my husband over an hour to get home, which cuts into family time. Maxi will enjoy those few extra minutes with him home. Can’t wait to see how you decorate the new house and make it a home!!

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  13. Sarah Beth wrote:

    Last May my dad was diagnosed with cancer and I moved from VA back home to FL to take care of him, helping out my mom so that she could work and maintain their health insurance. He just passed. It’s so worth it to be close to family. I’m 26, single and live with my mom right now but I wouldn’t change it. I’m so thankful to have this time. I’m so glad y’all can be close and see each other a lot because it’s so worth it.

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Oh Sarah Beth- my heart goes out to you! I am so sorry for the tremendous loss of your father. What a wonderful daughter you are, you inspire me to be the best daughter I can be. I know your mother cherishes all that you do for her. You are doing the right thing in this season of life. Sending you so much love! xx, Katey

      Published 07 Apr 19Reply
  14. Christi wrote:

    Wow! You are sneaky, in the best way!

    We live 10 minutes from one grandparent and it’s still hard to not have more family close by!

    I can’t wait to see your new place, congrats!

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  15. Moramay wrote:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see how you decorate. You are so thoughtful, and to be close to family is such a blessing.

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  16. Wendy wrote:

    So happy for your family, being close is a gift for sure. God takes care of us much better than we can take care of ourselves! I hope you’re taking lots of pictures because before and after home pics are my favorite! Don’t wait for perfect to share. We’d love to watch the process. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

    Published 04 Apr 19Reply
  17. Nicole wrote:

    Your mother is lucky to have such a compassionate daughter. It’s almost unimaginable for me to leave behind the house my children grew up in. Understandably, life happens and we have to make decisions of the heart.

    Published 05 Apr 19Reply
  18. Jenna wrote:

    So happy for you!!! Nothing is more important than family!! What a gift of a daughter you are to your sweet mama and in laws! Maxi is so blessed to have you as her mama!!

    Published 05 Apr 19Reply