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Was anyone else in complete denial that the holiday weekend was over this morning? I think I got the Sunday {or Monday…} Scaries x 10 yesterday around 8 in the evening! But, in true Katey fashion, I choose to just focus on the next occasion on my list- Father’s Day! We’ve got 3 weeks before we celebrate the wonderful fathers we know and love, so on our walk yesterday, I begged my husband to give me a few ideas for y’all. AKA- I used the blog as a crutch to get gift ideas out of him. The man never asks for anything! Minus Mizzen & Main shirts and for me to not erase Game of Thrones off the DVR… 😉 It took a 3-mile walk and a few pestering questions later, but I’ve got gift ideas, you’ve got gift ideas, and we can all go to sleep with no Sunday/Monday Scaries.

Mizzen & Main Shirts

When I first met my husband he had two forms of attire: workwear and golf wear. It left for some interesting date outfits and I’ll let your imagination run wild with that. We’d be at a dive restaurant and he’d be in golf shorts and a crisp white business shirt. The inner style blogger {or maybe my Enneagram 2 wing?!} made it my personal mission to find him some shirts that worked both for work and play. We found Mizzen & Main way back when we were dating in Dallas. Nearly six years of shopping the brand later, and I always include them in my gift guides. If you aren’t familiar with Mizzen & Main, they are performance-wear dress shirts. They are moisture wicking- a must while walking to his office in downtown Fort Worth in the heat of summer! They are machine washable- I’ll do anything to lower our dry cleaning budget. ANYTHING. They have 4-way stretch so guys feel comfortable! Paul sits at a desk all day and will complain that collars bother the back of his neck, but these do not. And lastly, these don’t wrinkle. My husband can wad them up in his backpack after he leaves the gym and he doesn’t have to worry about steaming or ironing. It’s a gift for men, but quite frankly, if you enjoy domestic tasks, it’s a gift to YOU. No dry cleaning. No ironing. Or if your guy likes to do the washing in the house, he’ll love that these make life easier! You can’t mess these shirts up. No sweat stains. Now wrinkles. No irritations. Paul is wearing the “MCCALL” shirt in these photos and he wears a size Large in Mizzen & Main to give you some comparison in sizing. He’s a tall one! Right now they’ve got a Father’s Day sale going until 5/30 where you can get a Dress Shirt + Phil Polo for $40 off with code GIVECOMFORT at checkout.

Leatherology Laptop Sleeve

Leatherology is a brand that both my husband and I love! They make the tote and crossbody I have with the painted monogram. I love their leather because it doesn’t scratch. Fingernails. Pens. Toddler tantrums. Nothing scratches the darn leather. So if you are as detailed TYPE A as I am, you’ll appreciate the quality. Paul always switches off between a briefcase or backpack just depending on what he has planned for the day, if he’ll hit the gym, etc. This laptop sleeve is to Paul what a makeup bag in a diaper bag is for me. I always carry a makeup bag that houses a wallet, gum, lip gloss- all the things I need for myself when swapping out from tote to backpack for Maxi. It prevents the “Um I’m at the grocery store and don’t have my wallet” mom moments. This laptop sleeve keeps laptops, files, and cords all together so your guy can easily switch out. It’s also nice because Paul will work at the kitchen counter or table on the weekend and it’s a nice way to hide the clutter while quickly cleaning.

Scotty Cameron Putter

For a girl that spent a few hours at The Colonial this weekend, I should have more words to say about this. However, I’ll let my husband speak for this gift guide. “This is arguably one of the best putters in golf. This should definitely be on your gift guide.” He also keeps mentioning this putter in every single conversation about golf, so I do believe this is a hint for his wife! I’m not THAT naive. 😉

Bose Soundlink

This weekend, Paul really worked on our backyard because he’s dying to throw a party this summer for our friends. I say for a housewarming. He says for the 4th of July. Tomatoe. Tomato. We found some great backyard additions this weekend {I’ll do a blog post soon!} but he was saying this Bose Soundlink would be nice for indoor and outdoor use while hosting! I’ll bring the cheese board. He’ll bring the Spotify playlists.

A World Undone

Paul is a history guy and is currently obsessed with reading all on WWI. His Podcast as of late is Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History– and let me just warn you, it wasn’t my favorite on our drive to Seaside. Give me Serial or give me nothing. But whenever I start dozing off in the car I’m brought back to life to the voice of Dan Carlin. Not my choice on how to wake up, but I’m sure my husband hates the sound of my Real Housewives in the background, so I just keep pretending to sleep. He told me he has the book “A World Undone” in his Amazon cart for his next read!

Smart Coffee Warmer

My husband showed me this coffee warmer because one of his coworkers has it and now I want the pink one! Paul said, “I reheat your coffee three times before I leave in the morning, I feel like we need these for better time management.” Spoken like a true numbers man.

I hope these gift ideas spark your Father’s Day plans. Maxi is obsessed with her Dada as am I. Enneagram jokes above aside, he’s such a wonderful mix! He’s a 3 at work. He’s a 2 with his family. He’s a 9 in overall mannerisms. He’s everyone’s favorite, so I simply feel lucky to be his favorite.

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  1. Awww Katey, these photos are so cute! You guys are an adorable family! Thanks for the gift recommendations as well – I’m horrible at gifting! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 28 May 19Reply
  2. After years of hearing you rave about the Mizzen and Main shirts, I think I’m finally going to take the plunge. I am frankly afraid because I know my husband will love it and they’re kind of pricey hahaha. But he’s as good as they come and doesn’t ask for much, so who am I to deny the man a dress shirt?!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 28 May 19Reply
  3. Alyssa wrote:

    Hi Katey! I am thinking about getting the leatherology sleeve for my boyfriend for school! I was wondering what size laptop your husband? Online I couldn’t tell by the dimensions… also, I got a Mizzen shirt for my boyfriend and he LOVED it! Thanks for always recommending the best products 🙂

    Published 20 Jun 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Alyssa! My husband has a 13″ laptop! 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 14 Aug 19Reply
  4. Nancy wrote:

    Katey, I guess Football time it is. I hear you on the Heat in TEXAS. I live here in Southern MS, and I feel the Heat too.
    To bad school isn’t off in the cooler months.
    Pink is definitely your color and your family looks awesome together.
    Take care, we love you

    Published 24 Sep 19Reply