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Romper {regular xs} | Rockstud Flip Flops | Gucci Bag | Saint Laurent Sandals | photography by: Angie Garcia | In parentship with Nordstrom. All opinions and purchases are my own.

Happy Saturday, y’all! Today, I’m taking you in my closet to discuss designer items. Based on your questions in regards to sizing, wear, and amount of use, I pulled the three designer items I use most frequently this time of year! From flip flops I wear through football season to a bag that fits all, let’s see my top 3 picks for you in the summer.

First up, let’s talk Rockstud Jelly Flip Flops. Personally, I don’t think there is a more realistic designer item for a mom this time of year. I live in mine from March to football season. I wear them with my swimsuits, my workout clothes, my sundresses, and jeans and dusters when it gets cooler out. I bought mine from Nordstrom about two years ago.

I bought these in black, so I can’t speak to the other colors, but the great thing about these sandals is anything comes off them clean with a swipe of a baby wipe! These sandals get covered in sunscreen sometimes and all of that comes off without needing any elbow grease. Now, these run small, so you want to size up. I’m typically a 37 or 37.5 and wear a 38 in these sandals. Nordstrom has a great stock of these now, but two years ago you couldn’t keep these in stock. I also don’t slide around in these even though they are a jelly style, because the bottom has gripping.

If you want something that can go with any type of look and that is easy to clean, I think these would be your best bet!

I’ve owned the Saint Laurent Tribute Slide Sandal for almost a year and a half now, and these are the shoes people are the most curious about! They don’t have a big logo, so people always wonder what they are. If you are into a more simple style, I think these would be your preference. My favorite thing about these sandals is the softness of the leather. They feel so buttery and that makes them to be my choice for long walking days. The shoe also runs short and narrow, so be sure to size up. I’m wearing a 38 in these but almost could have done a 38.5.

I would be a bit more cautious with these as they aren’t a jelly style, so you can see a few water spots on the top from a few times I’ve taken them to the pool. Now that doesn’t bother me, I much prefer to wear my things and get a ton of use out of them, but if that does bother you I wouldn’t wear these around any water.

If you aren’t loving the Grecian slide trend you see everywhere, I would recommend these. I feel that they aren’t overdone and are such a classic summer style. Another thing to note is my Saint Laurent handbags are some of the most well-made ones I own and the leather holds up beautifully at 5+ years in. It made me comfortable to buy these sandals knowing that the same attention to detail is infused by the brand. I love to wear these with sundresses if I don’t want to wear a wedge. Shop them here.

The Gucci Soho Disco Leather Bag is so nice, I’ve had it twice! Well, technically, I didn’t buy it twice, but let’s chat about it. This handbag in red is one of the first designer handbags I have ever purchased! It’s soft, but pebbled so you can’t mess up the leather. Due to the soft leather, it has a Mary Poppins nature where the bag can fit just about anything with a little maneuvering. I feel it’s a classic from the Gucci line and 7 years after my original purchase, it’s still one I never tire of! The leather is beautiful, the logo is clean, and the tassel adds a bit of sass. My mom ended up borrowing my red one so frequently, that my dad got her this one in the Camelia nude color. When I had Maxi and started needing crossbodies more, my mom and I switched. So, for now, she carries the red and I carry the nude, but I’m sure we’ll switch back in a year or so. We always do this with bags, it’s just like having a larger closet. 😉

You can see here the ample space for the size and I could have easily fit more if need be. There are two interior pockets that can fit cash, cards, or keys. The interior size is 8″W x 6″H x 3″D with a strap drop that can be changed from 21 to 23″. Now my COF note to make is that this handbag does keep going up in price, so I’d prioritize this on your list if your interested to avoid an increase next year. Granted, I first purchased this bag 7 years ago, so it is natural for the price to go up, but it’s just something to consider.

The leather holds up beautifully and I have had no issues with scratches! With our frequency of moves the past few years and with my inability to “baby” my bags due to having a baby myself {ha!}, I think that’s a great sign of a well-made bag.

I hope this answered any questions you have about these items in regards to how they hold up and sizing! Do you have any favorite designer items you have purchased from Nordstrom?

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  1. I am in love with your romper/two-piece, Katey! Super cute pattern and colours! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 06 Jul 19Reply