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Happy July 1st! It’s a fresh start to the month, and I’m really eager about it. While July is a really busy month work-wise, I’m hoping I take it on gracefully! We have Paul’s birthday and then a little sister trip we are going on. My sister and I haven’t ever taken a sister trip before and so we are sneaking away for a weekend to enjoy some quality girl time.

I think I’m actually more motivated by a new month than a new year. I’ve never been big on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Resolutions. But I feel really refreshed by a new month. Something about starting a new book, a new workout regimen, or new recipe feels easier at the start of a month. I also like to look back on the prior month to see worked for me and what didn’t. So as I assessed June, here are the TOP products you all loved on COF. In case you missed a post, I’m reviewing those top products today.


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20% off code is “Katey” 

The TULA Face Filter Primer was the top product for June and I have been so excited to see all of your selfie pictures you have sent me. Even my Nana sent me a text loving her primer! From smoothing inflammation, evening skin tone, and acting as a magic eraser to blemishes, I have thoroughly enjoyed applying this product each morning as I do my makeup! Now a common question has been, “Do I put the eye balm on before or after the primer?” This is really up to you in terms of how much glow you want from the eye balm. If you just want the cooling effects and to hide the dark circles, you can put it on before. But if you like the highlight aspect {I do!} then apply it after the primer.

Front-Tie Summer Skirt

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Wearing regular XS

This front-tie summer skirt was your most “asked about” piece of clothing I shared on the blog. I have worn mine with plain tees and graphic tees, but could also wear it with a dressier blouse for a shower. It comes in 5 colorways if pink isn’t your thing, but you know if an item comes in pink, I’ll take it! ha. This is a great length for church or work if you have a more relaxed work dress code.

Greece Slides

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Runs TTS

The slide trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, this was the top shoe trend of 2018, and I was reading a blog report last week that was saying this is expected to be the top shoe trend of 2019 AND will o into next year as well. Hop on the trend train with this metallic version. It pairs beautifully with both gold and silver accents. I got it in the metallic version since I think it can be a bit dressier with sundresses.

Tote | Fendi Strap

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Pink Version Sold Out

I bought this tote on vacation in Florida, and can’t say enough good things about it. Remember way back when on The Hills when everyone carried a boho bag? This gives that effortless style in the sense it isn’t structured. The top flaps can fold over inside or stand up like I’m wearing here. I added a fun strap, which can be put on any other bag with crossbody or arm-strap capabilities. I keep this bag organized by having everything in my wallet or makeup bag, so it totally doesn’t bother me it isn’t’ structured on the sides. In fact, I totally prefer this style because it can morph to my side of I have Maxi on my hip. On a busy day, I can fit diapers, a sippy cup, wipes, my wallet, and makeup bag. The pink version sold out, but I love it in neutral.

Shift Dress

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Runs TTS

This $44 shift dress was one I shared last Halloween. It sold out, but came back in stock and y’all are still loving it! It’s got that baby doll dress style without being too oversized, and it comes in a *ton* of colors for you. This dress has a higher neckline, so you can accessorize it how you see fit whether you want to do statement earrings or a statement necklace. You can even see Maxi in the corner in her Halloween shirt. 😉

Amazon Dress

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Wearing Size Small

I have had all the luck on Amazon lately, and I’ll be sharing a blog post for Prime Day featuring those items. I shared this Amazon Dress towards the end of May and throughout June, so it gets a spot here, as well. This is a bohemian midi dress that also comes in a ton of colors. I do want to note a reader on IG said it runs smaller throughout the bust, so keep that in mind while selecting your size! I wear a little tank under mine. It’s the perfect little house dress to keep on while you’re doing things in the home, but you can run out to dinner, or to meet a friend and you won’t feel too casual. I love items that work both at home and out of the home, since I spend most of my days inside with Maxi!

Tula Eye Balm

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20% off code is “Katey”

The TULA eye balm came back in stock this past June and is still here- finally! You can read my first review from January here. This is a must-have beauty product in my book for anyone deprived of sleep. Aren’t we all?! It acts as a highlighter, eye circle eraser all in one. At the TULA event this past month, many of you were telling me how you keep yours in your purse and use it as a touch-up highlighter on the go and that inspired me to do the same.

Floral Dress

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Runs Large

My girlfriend loved this dress so much when she came over to our house this past month she said, “I’m trying on your yellow dress!” She walked in, tried it on, and then ordered from her phone. ha!  It’s a gorgeous maxi number, that makes you feel very Nicole Richie in House of Harlow circa 2010- but in the BEST way!

A&F Mom Jeans

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Run TTS, I’m either a 24 or 25 and I got a 25 Short

I shared these jeans back for LTK Day and I’m convinced this is where I’ll be buying my jeans from now on. They fit like a $200 pair of denim, if not better. I loved the option to buy the denim in short, since I am 5’3″ and can’t always get that cropped look the model is wearing online. This is a cross between a boyfriend jean and a mom jean in the sense they aren’t too oversized but have a relaxed and comfortable fit. But they aren’t stretchy- because I don’t like stretchy boyfriend jeans!


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I covered denim, so I have to cover my top shorts of June- these! They are the absolute perfect length for being a pair of cut-offs and I feel totally comfortable picking Maxi up and getting on the floor to play. If they don’t pass the toddler test, I’d have no reason to wear them.

In My Cart for July:

Another exciting thing, is I made a Goodreads account for y’all! Here is my account. A few of y’all messaged me on it, but it’s not letting me message you back?! I’m still trying to figure out how to work the site, so sorry! Hopefully, I get it all squared away this month. Can’t wait to add you all!

What was your favorite product you found from last month?

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    Yay just followed you on Goodreads! It’s seriously become my favorite social media, and I find the BEST books through friends recommendations on there. 🙂

    xoxo A

    Published 01 Jul 19Reply
  2. Kensey wrote:

    TULA Primer! Ordered just the other day. Can’t wait to try. Thank you for breaking down how to use and in what step to apply.

    Published 01 Jul 19Reply
  3. Such cute items! ❤️✨ I love the mom jeans you linked. Been looking for a similar pair myself! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 01 Jul 19Reply
  4. Lisa Moore wrote:

    Please share where those hot pink mules are from?

    Published 01 Jul 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lisa! They are linked. Under that photo is a scrolling widget with the shoes. 🙂 xo, Katey

      Published 01 Jul 19Reply
      • Lisa Moore wrote:

        Sorry, They do not come up? It comes up with dresses from Revolve?

        Published 01 Jul 19Reply