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Let’s talk gifts for tots! Our gift closet is slammed shut with Barbies, Play-Doh, and all the fun gifts for Christmas. I shared stocking stuffer ideas back here, but if you need those “big” gifts today’s post has you covered. And if you have a little babe, be sure to check my post for best gifts for a one-year-old girl! And to make your gifts look more special, you may consider placing your gifts inside custom gift boxes, click over here to learn more on this.

  • This grocery market kit is such a fun option for siblings to play with. We have a kid play space by our house called “Playstreet” and it is like a mini-city for kids. Maxi always spends the most time playing in the market area!
  • Have a baby-obsessed toddler or baby that will soon be a toddler? This bag of babies is the perfect option for them. The babies are soft and so they can snuggle and sleep with them.
  • Another thing at the Playstreet Museum is an ice cream shop! This set is there and all the toddlers love making their mom’s ice cream cones.
  • This is THE book for toddlers starting to find things in “I Spy” books and learning their ABC’s. We keep ours in the car {in this car tote} and it keeps Maxi occupied.
  • Another ABC book we love is “S is for Style.” It’s a gorgeous book focused on fashion, so as a mama, you’ll love to read it, too. 😉 We keep this on her shelf and she reaches for it at least 5 times a week. The illustrations are pretty captivating for little ones.
  • While I know most of us mamas wish ALL toys were wooden {they last so long!} these wooden puzzles are a wonderful gift. With color sorting, matching, and learning, these are classics each playroom needs.
  • If you follow my Insta Stories, it is no secret Maxi loves her doctor kit. She loves it so much, that she was a doctor for Halloween. If you want to gift a toy that will get played with every single day for months on end, this is a safe bet.
  • Another thing Maxi is obsessed with is keys! Car keys, house keys, locks, anything she can find. She gets so excited to find locks on anything. I saw this Montessori toy on Amazon and think it would entertain a toddler for quite some time. It is already ordered!
  • This is our favorite nail polish and lip gloss brand for Maxi. It is non-toxic and comes off in bathwater, so she can easily play. Plus, it doesn’t stain furniture. Win-win!
  • Maxi’s big gift from us this year will be a Barbie dollhouse! So many of you all have recommended this one.
  • Maxi’s friend Bo has a similar workbench at his house and this is THE toy all the kids fight over.

What is your toddler wanting for Christmas?!

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  1. Aww, toddlers’ toys are so cute! Love the guide! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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