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Last week I was doing a Q&A on Instagram and a few girls asked how to finish accessorizing a look. It was such a valid {and GOOD} question, and yet when I went to answer I kept getting stumped. Sure, I’ve done posts on great rules-of-thumb to keep in mind. But ultimately, accessorizing is kind of like seasoning your favorite dish. You’ll know when it feels right. Today, I’m partnering with Kendra Scott to break down three fun trends for holiday jewelry so you can see what you, my friend, are most drawn to.

I have my Kendra Scott jewelry box all neatly organized on our dresser in our bedroom, but I also keep a little dish next to it that my girlfriend, Ashley, got me. On that dish, I leave out the pieces I’m loving lately. Like a little curated selection for the week, month, or even season. Once dressed, I’ll immediately look to that dish first and then if my look is finished or feels off, I pull open my jewelry box. Each week as I’m putting up my laundry, I try to check out the dish and make sure that everything feels appropriate for the season and upcoming week. Right now, my dish is filled with holiday pieces as we have all of our holiday parties these next two weeks. Let’s chat about what you can put in your dish!

Holiday Jewelry Trends

The Statement Earring

It’s no secret my go-to accessory is the statement earring. I’ve always loved a good earring but loved them even more after having Maxi. Bulky necklaces didn’t work with nursing a baby, and I certainly didn’t want to do my hair. I went through a solid 3-month low bun phase and I laugh because ALL my pictures on my iPhone from that period have a low bun. It was my thing for dirty hair. ha. Lucky for you, Kendra Scott actually extended their earring sale for 20% off through today! In this post, I’m wearing the Fabia Small Gold Earring in Dichroic Glass, but they also come in a multi-color option for my girls that love every color of the rainbow. They give the holiday statement look but are smaller and no heavy. My favorite thing about a statement earring during the holidays is that they pair so nicely with sweaters and ponytails. Many sweaters with a turtleneck can feel like *so much* if you’ve got your hair down and a statement earring framing your face. By doing a fun, messy, Blake Lively-esque ponytail and a statement earring you can draw attention to your face and smile.

The Bracelet Stack

You can mix metals in your jewelry just as you mix metals in your home. I remember the first time I met with an interior decorator that was the question I was dying to ask! She told me about hardware the same as what I feel about jewelry: it’s all personal preference and when done well, looks wonderful and eclectic. Aside from a wedding ring or favorite watch, mixing metals can feel intimidating. “Does that mean I wear a gold necklace and silver hoops?” You can, of course, but I think intentionally mixing metals in bracelets gives a gorgeous effect. I’m wearing the Jolie Cuff in silver and gold in this post with nothing else. You can add in a watch, but I think a stack mixing these gives a bit of depth to your accessories and allows your look to feel more casual or dressy depending on the occasion. You can also mix chunky sterling silver bangles to get the same effect but with more texture.

Stacking Rings

You may not love a statement earring or wear a ton of bracelets if you type at a computer, but stacking rings can be so versatile no matter your lifestyle. Kendra Scott has the Colette Ring Set which has a solid band next to a diamond band. You can break them up to wear them on different fingers or I just stacked mine together because I clearly follow “more is more.” ha!

So no matter your accessory preference this holiday season, try leaving a dish out with your Kendra Scott favorites this time of year. Let me know which piece like these you are most drawn to !

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    I”m a huge Kendra Scott fan! Their holiday collections are always so pretty. Also I love this outfit and your pink blazer!! SO cute!

    xoxo A

    Published 09 Dec 19Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    You are SO fabulous lady!!! This look is everything and so are all of your pieces of jewelry! Love how you styled them with this look.

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 09 Dec 19Reply
  3. Cute picks, Katey! I love your jeans too – so bold! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 09 Dec 19Reply
  4. Pat Burns wrote:

    I thought I saved your Kendra Scott “wedding earrings” but I can’t find a pic of them anywhere. Can you help me out, please?
    Thank you

    Published 23 Dec 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      They are the Kendra Scott Kaki earrings! 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 06 Mar 20Reply