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{dress is Loveshack Fancy for Target, sold out}

Do you ever remember very specific texts that friends send you? I may be the lone wolf here {probably because I overanalyze everything!} but I will think back to random things my friends texted me years ago. I can remember one text two years ago a friend sent me about her new “house dress.” She was thrilled as she wore it around the house to answer e-mails, chase her toddler, and clean. I remember thinking it seemed quite comfortable, but when would one need to specifically buy a house dress?

And then 2020 said, “HERE I AM!

Ha. But in all seriousness, you’ve probably exhausted your workout clothing, don’t want to wear pajama bottoms all day for your Zoom calls, and denim isn’t always comfortable sitting on the floor with your kids. Enter, the house dress. Wikipedia will tell you that a house dress, “is a type of simple dress worn informally at home for household chores or for quick errands.” I’ll tell you that a house dress is a comfortable dress that allows you to not feel lazy all day. If you step outside to talk to a neighbor, you feel dressed. But if you happen to slip in bed with your toddler for naptime on the weekend {#guilty} you won’t have denim shorts irritating your skin.

A house dress is the ultimate 2020 closet want and the best-kept secret for style at home. If you are going somewhere, just throw on sandals or mules and a jean jacket or cardigan if it is cooler in the evenings where you live.

Here are a few I’m loving.

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  1. So pretty! The dress really suits you! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 24 Jul 20Reply