Newborn Photos

Slowly but surely, my home is turning into one big scrapbook of my children. When we got our newborn photos of Harry back, I nearly printed the entire shoot. There’s something so precious about capturing the immediate sleepy days in the newborn stage. You’re getting to know this tiny human that you are equally obsessed and enamored with. If you’d like to take a little stroll down memory lane, you can see our newborn photos with Maxi here.

Harry will be 6 weeks tomorrow and it’s going by far too fast. I love the baby stage where they’ll just sleep on your chest all day, he’s currently snoozing on me as I type this post. And although we are sleep deprived and trying to figure out his reflux/tummy issues {I’ve cut dairy and soy}, I need these days to slow down a little bit more. Maxi is so in love with her baby brother, I try to absorb all the sweet moments she has with him. I know it will get even more fun as he grows and can play with her. One day they’ll be too big for my lap and too “cool” to spend all their time with me. 😉 But for now, I’ll take them both snuggled up on the couch with me as she watches Daniel Tiger.

My dress was a find from Hale House {a boutique in Fort Worth} and was purchased back in January. They are totally sold out, but I’ve found similar options for you that would work great immediately postpartum.

It’s an honor to share these special photos with you all! Thank you for being on this sweet journey with us.

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  1. So cute!! Congrats Katey!! 💓✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 20 Jul 20Reply
  2. Heather wrote:

    Hi Katey,
    I had a similar issue with my second daughter, as far as reflux and all the fun that comes along with that. It took a few weeks to figure out that she had what was called a milk protein allergy. Because I was unable to nurse, we did the similac brand in the type Alimentum (it’s the purple container). You might try this, because even when we eliminated several possible allergies, this one continued. Luckily she outgrew it by her first birthday and now drinks milk and eats dairy just fine. Good luck with your sweet bundle of joy, I hope you get it all figured out!
    -All the best,

    Published 20 Jul 20Reply
  3. Amber wrote:

    So precious- thanks for sharing 😍😍

    Published 20 Jul 20Reply
  4. Ana Finck wrote:

    So precious! Congratulations mama 🙂


    Published 20 Jul 20Reply
  5. Megan wrote:

    Congratulations on little Harry! These pictures are precious. I love the ones with Maxi and Harry, the bond between siblings is so special, and you can tell she is so excited to have a little brother!

    Published 20 Jul 20Reply
  6. scarlett wrote:

    omg soo precious

    Published 20 Jul 20Reply