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Dress {xs} | Heels | Similar Earrings 

Today’s blog post is quite the hodgepodge of random things, but all of them constitute as things that spark a little joy, so I figured why not share them all?! As I get older, I find myself even more intentional at enjoying the little things: a candle burning, the smell of fresh laundry, a Chick-Fil-A lemonade, a drugstore makeup find. I’m not always made up in a dress with my babies perfectly napping. Yesterday was proof of that! I felt like I changed 800 diapers before noon and didn’t get to shower until Paul got home from work last night at 9:45. Finding those little frivolous things that make you smile, makes it all the more enjoyable.

Have you heard of the “Barn Sale?” MacKenzie-Childs has a barn in Aurora, New York. It is a town that you step foot in and think it’s just the perfect setting for a Hallmark movie. I could stay there for a week and sip hot tea, read a book, and cuddle under a blanket. To call it charming wouldn’t even do it justice. Once a year, MacKenzie-Childs has a “Barn Sale” there and people travel with their entire families to shop it. You can get MC items at up to 70% off! They sell overstock of collections and pieces with minor damage and this sale is a THING. People make summer vacations out of it. Due to COVID-19 they had the sale online this year. I shared it on Instagram Monday, and wanted to share it is continuing a few more days. I ordered quite a bit for Christmas gifts! Shop my favorites above.

Angie snapped this photo while we were shooting some content for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This photo means the world to me. I always love photos of mothers where they don’t know they are being photographed. We paused shooting that morning for a little feed break and just sat by the backdrop. I’m so grateful to do this for work with my kids at my feet and by my side. Side note, I have always had the most luck with Como Tomo bottles for my babies! That’s the bottle they prefer to take from me with nursing.

Quilt is in and I’m not just speaking about your bedding. Quilted shoes, handbags, the works. These white sandals are the perfect complement to cropped denim and a blazer. I thought they would be quite fun for when we venture out for patio date nights. They aren’t “too” dressy, but still take a simple look and dress it up a notch. I found them to be true to size. But if you would get more use out of a flat sandal, they come in that style here.

Dress {xs} | Heels | Similar Earrings 

I ran into Target last week for the first time since February and it felt pretty darn amazing! I went to grab baby wipes after my postpartum appointment and as I was walking to the checkout, these polka dots caught my eye! Was it a practical purchase? Ehh…”define practical?!” 😉 But it was a great price, a gorgeous silhouette, and classic- so I know I’ll wear it for seasons to come! I keep thinking this with a red lip would be gorgeous for Christmas card photos! Okay, Okay. I know it is July, but Hallmark is playing Christmas movies right now and it’s just a photo idea. ha. It runs a bit generous, I’m wearing an xs.

Harry’s birth announcements came in! I have a long weekend of addressing them in my future. I went with something that felt a bit more traditional and I adore them! I saved one of Maxi’s and want to frame them side by side in our hallway.

Billie is a brand I always rave about. You can’t beat their $9 shaving subscription. After using their razor for a year, I’ve started to branch out to a few of their other products. I am obsessed with their makeup removing wipes. My mom had a subscription before I did, and after stealing her’s I fell in love. They have Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, so if you use them to remove makeup, sweat, or face masks that’s an extra step of skincare. Their “Floof” is another new-to-me product. It’s a dry shampoo/volumizer that leaves zero grit to your hair! Now it doesn’t have a fragrance if that’s something you look for, but I love it as a volumizer at the roots. It also has biotin in it! Try it here.

I purge anything relating to me, myself, and I- but when it comes to my children, I’m a sucker for anything sentimental I can get my hands on. TMI, but I still had my pregnancy tests from Maxi far too long after. ha! I had these plates made from Cowtown Clay {they do mail orders, as well!} with Maxi and Harry’s handprints. It was special to me because she is 3 and he was 3 weeks when this was done.

*On the left is Mac, right is Maybelline*

If you know me, you know I’m very particular about a few things: lip liner, pillow inserts, and how I do my laundry, to name a few. My favorite lip liner is MAC “Soar” and I always have a few in handbags so I never am without. Recently, I’ve found a wonderful dupe to my favorite brand: Maybelline Color Sensational Shaping Lip Liners. Their shade in “Magnetic Mauve” is a direct dupe to MAC “Soar” and it has a little bit more longevity!


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