Maxi’s Favorite Pajamas

One thing I implement as a mama? We keep one day a week to STAY in pajamas! It’s usually Wednesday or Friday. We don’t go anywhere. We don’t do *too* much. We watch Mickey Mouse Christmas even if it is 90 degrees outside. We don’t make commitments, outside of traditional work and housekeeping ones.

On weeks that we don’t stick to this {and it’s rare because I’m loyal to this tradition} I mentally feel myself skipping it and wish I could have a redo.

I have this tradition in our home because I’m sentimental about the “stay-at-home” years. I’ve got 5 delicious years with my children before they are off to Kindergarten and off to an entire world I’m not privy to. I have to share them when my heart wants to be selfish with them. I’ll send them off and they’ll adore their teachers, enjoy their friends, and slowly, but surely, they won’t need me *as* much. Children growing up is like a beautiful breakup. It’s necessary. It’s what we work our mama bums off for. But it’s a breakup, none the less.

So until I must share my children with the world, we’ll share spoons of peanut butter in our pajamas while we watch Minnie Mouse on repeat. I may get up far too early so I can catch up on work or do laundry all night long on Saturdays, but it is worth it for these snuggly moments.

And because we are serious on this pajama day, Maxi has become serious about her pajamas. Remember when she wore her Barbie nightgown for what felt like 8298 months on end? Jenn Thatcher launched pajamas and she’s got to try them out for gosh, 5 months now? Jenn has 3 children of her own and knows they are picky on fabrics- Maxi makes me cut out EVERY single tag out of her clothing. This fabric is a step above a very popular “designer” pajama brand, so you’re getting incredibly soft quality. They wash beautifully and I dry them in the dryer with no shrinkage. Maxi is quite passionate about these and will ask to wear them daily/has a full-on mourning session when we must wash them. ha. Maxi wears the 3T and I wear the small. Harry also had the longhorn layette set as a newborn and it is tucked away in his baby box. It makes the perfect newborn gift! I have ordered him this for his new size of 6-12 months. He is 16.5 pounds if you can believe it!

If you want to grab some for your kids, code LONGHORN gets you $20 off any purchase of Jenn Thatcher Art Clothing.

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  1. Maxi is so cute! Love her pyjamas! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 01 Oct 20Reply