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Sofa {in deep sea blue} | Gingham Pillow | Monogrammed Pillows {c/o} | Rug | Drapes | Similar Lighting Rocking Chair | White Table | Blue Baskets | Rainbow | Lamps {c/o} | Wicker Baskets | Toy Basket {Homegoods} | Play Kitchen | Crest Art, Second Art | Giraffe | Sunburst

You know Fisher-Price needs more real estate in your home than a guest bed when you turn your guest bedroom into a playroom. ha!

While pregnant and in quarantine last year, I started to see how our home functioned with Paul home all day. He was taking conference calls at the kitchen table and Maxi had everything out everywhere. I started thinking of a baby’s toys in the mix and decided to do what all women do when they have a huge bump and can only waddle: another house project. A friend of mine needed a guest bed for her home, so I asked if she wanted ours. And then I set off to create a space I could sip my coffee and the kids could play.

While this room is smaller, it’s absolutely perfect for us. Having a 3.5 year age difference with the kids means she’s got lots of toys he can’t be around. She keeps her Polly Pockets and Barbie shoes in her bedroom. But the playroom allows a space where she can play, and he can be around toys that are “safe” for him as he puts everything in his mouth. I wanted this room to combine my love of blue and lavender while keeping space for large toys. Caitlin Wilson has a new kids’ line, which gave me plenty of inspiration for this space. You can check it out here. I used pieces from that line to infuse the color palette {lamps, rug, art, pillows} and then added things we already had like the Ikea Hemnes Console Table. The closet houses all the clunky Fisher-Price-esque pieces, and there’s still room for H’s big toddler toys one day.

We haven’t needed to use our guest bed in *maybe* two years?! But we did purchase this sofa bed from Article, so if we ever need to use it, it pulls out to a bed!

Do you have a playroom or room converted to store toys? What is your storage situation like? I’m working on a post that will share how we store everything and where! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Katey, the playroom looks beautiful! I love the design 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 08 Jan 21Reply
  2. Carly wrote:

    I feel ya! We turned out formal dining room into a playroom/den with a pullout couch. Place for toys > place for guests!!! Your playroom look beautiful!

    Published 08 Jan 21Reply
  3. Heather E Hill wrote:

    I literally just did the same thing over Christmas break! Got rid of our guest bed and turned it into a play room. I love having a central location for my daughter’s toys and the ability to shut the door to contain the chaos when needed 🙂

    Published 08 Jan 21Reply
  4. Megan P wrote:

    I absolutely love this space!! I’m currently redoing my son’s playroom before his first birthday and this is great inspiration. Where is the love seat from? Thanks Katey!!

    Published 08 Jan 21Reply
  5. Kay wrote:

    Love this space! I love the way you have your curtains too. They are perfect pencil pleat curtains and the colors really complement. More home edits please, these are great inspiration

    Published 12 Jan 21Reply