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When I wrote my last blog post earlier this week, we all assumed we’d be snowed in with a few rolling blackouts. As everyone has seen what has gone on in Texas, that is not the case. 99% of people I know did not have power, water, or have damage from pipes bursting. We were so incredibly fortunate to have power to keep our babies warm {we did our best to conserve!} but our pipes did freeze- which is totally fine! Our church flooded in the children’s area. Seeing the photos of Maxi’s classroom and where we both volunteer felt crippling. Maxi’s school flooded. So many homes, businesses, and organizations have damage and no power. Many children were treated at our local children’s hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. As we come upon the one-year mark of COVID, I breathe deeply and say, “Lord, let us be the helpers. Let us be your hands and feet. Lead us where you need us.” 

But I couldn’t focus on my regular editorial schedule, without coming here to ask for three things. As I sip my cold coffee, and type here, as I have time and time again, it feels comforting. To see your messages asking how you can help our state means more than you know.


pray for strength and give grace.

If you have followed media outlets you have seen the horror stories of this storm, those stories I am ill-equipped to even write about. I just ask that we pray for these families and for their strength during this rebuilding phase. I also ask that we give enormous grace to everyone. On Wednesday there was a few-hour period in which every text I received was a friend showing me their home that flooded or telling me what they were going through. I had friends with no power, pipes bursting, little children, husbands with COVID, so they couldn’t go other places. It felt like a nightmare for every person we love. From food supply to childcare, everyone’s world will have shifting pains long after the snow melts. People will be feeling the effects for quite some time, so let us extend grace to everyone from a stranger online to a stranger in line at the grocery store. I can speak for myself when I say, we all need extra love. The mental toll of COVID + this storm and devastation feels heavy. It feels very, very heavy.


be a helper. 

Many of you have been so incredibly gracious to ask how you can help! Here are a few organizations/accounts that are doing a great job sharing where we can be helpers!

I know I’m just including a small fraction, but wanted to share a few great places to start.


don’t assume.

Hurley House {one of our favorite hospitality spots!} is giving away hot meals today for those that need it. Their owner, Katherine, had an Insta Story that was just wonderful. She said something along the lines of not assuming who needs a hot meal. Your neighbor may have had power this week, but she may be struggling to WFH with her children and worried about how she will handle these demands as some schools have flooded. She may need help. Trust me, it’s HARD for WFH parents right now. I think we can’t assume anything and need to check in with everyone we love right now! From friends with newborns to coworkers, let’s see how we can meet needs and meet people where they are at.


Please let me know how I can serve you in this heartbreaking storm! Thank you so much!

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  1. Thank you for this! It is devastating to watch the news. Stay strong, Texas! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 19 Feb 21Reply