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I’m not a very adventurous person. I’m probably the most boring of all humans to go on vacation with- can we just lay by a pool and eat french fries?! I don’t have random talents to throw out in conversation at a dinner party. I’m a homebody. BUT let me just tell you, I love to give a gift. In fact, decorating for holidays and gift-giving feels to me what the Super Bowl probably feels like to most sports fanatics. It’s the highlight of moments. I think often we, as gift-givers, feel stumped because we are trying to find this unicorn gift. We want to find something they don’t own or something they’ve wanted for ages, all the while surprising them. Then we find nothing and so we just grab a candle and notepad out of despair and hope no one else gives the same!

I cherish gift giving because we aren’t supposed to find unicorn gifts. Sure, it’s fun when we do! But the art of gift-giving is all about slowing down in the day-to-day, thinking of the other person, and wrapping up our love for them in a bow. The budget, the gift, none of that matters. The act of giving does, so girlfriend, be free to stress less and add more ribbon. More is more, you know. 😉

On Fridays, I like to do Q&As on Instagram to help answer questions. 97% of them each week surround gift giving. I thought I’d take today’s post to cover gifts per recipient that you, my friends, ask about!

But before we dive into linking favorite bits and bobs, let’s talk about a few self-imposed rules that I think make the art of giving even better:

  1. I always say follow a registry if there is one. Of course, you do not have to, nor is it required, but if gift-giving is a way to love the recipient I find it is best to treat them to what they have asked for, rather than assume myself. If you find the perfect gift that isn’t on the registry, that is lovely! I just try to attach it to something small on the registry as well.
  2. Wrapping a gift is half the fun! As I wrap a gift for a couple, a mom-to-be, or a dear friend I love to pray for them as I do it. It sounds cheesy, but I think the art of gift-giving is all about intentionality, and to me, that is the most intentional thing I could do.
  3. My two tricks to wrapping: personalized gift tags and fabulous ribbon. I order gift tags from Sweet Caroline Designs or Katie Corley Art. I get my ribbon on Amazon, lately, I’m into pink velvet.


  1. Whether you are headed over for dinner or showing gratitude for a shower, fabulous cocktail napkins are a gift that will make her smile.
  2. Estelle Colored Glasses are on everyone’s wish list! Gift her a pair for her next date-night-in.
  3. When in doubt, grab an everyday item that is elevated. I love to gift Tyler Glamorous Detergent because it is such a splurge they can incorporate into a daily task. And yes, it is so concentrated you can get the smaller size and they can mix in with a fragrance-free detergent.
  4. On the topic of fragrance, you can’t go wrong with a USB lighter for her candles. This was my favorite stocking stuffer my mom gave us last year! Need a luxe candle to go with it? This is everything!


  1. Get her a little somethin’ somethin’ to house that new ring of her’s! A Sophie Billie Brahe box for her nightstand is every part gorgeous decor and thoughtful gesture.
  2. A recipe binder is a gift she will use for decades to come as she stores magazine tear-outs, Home Chef recipes, and more. If you want to take this gift up a notch, ask her mother, future mother-in-law, and bridesmaids to each handwrite or type their favorite recipe. Then insert that in the binder and she will have meals from those she loves most at all times.
  3. Want to splurge on a gift with her bridesmaids? Get her an over-the-top pair of pajamas! Whether you go fancy with feathers, sassy with silk, or wild with a print, she will wear them on her honeymoon and years of vacations to come. This may seem impractical, but how often do we wear pajamas from 10+years ago with holes in them?! Okay, okay, maybe just me. A fabulous pair is not only fun for the morning of her wedding, but it’s something she can wear to put a smile on her face on the not-so-fun days as well. These run large.
  4. A picnic basket is something they will use for dates now and in the future. We take the kids on picnics weekly in the spring and if your sitter only has an hour it is such an easy date! No waiting in line.


  1. Get her a personalized Weezie robe that says “mama.” She will think of you and mentally thank you every single day in the fourth trimester. H is 9 months and I still don’t get out of my Weezie robe! This is what mine looks like.
  2. A ceramic keepsake impression is something every mom treasures for a lifetime. Our home is filled with Cowtown Clay and you can order a mail-order kit if you aren’t local to DFW.
  3. From the first ultrasound starts a mama’s obsession with saving. A Petite Keep trunk is perfect for saving all of baby’s moments. I have the petite size for my kids and it is quite spacious.
  4. A monogrammed letter block intaglio is something she is sure to put on a nursery shelf.


  1. It can be difficult to find a gift your parents don’t already own, but you can’t go wrong with sentimental. Grab a beautiful frame {my choice is Aerin!} then have an artist do a watercolor print of a photo of you with your parents as a child. I use Watercolors by Korry on Instagram!
  2. I gifted my parents a custom handkerchief on my wedding day and cherish the photos of my dad crying with his.
  3. Black Jacks art by Jenn Thatcher is an option I always recommend. Each circle represents a family member, so you could gift one to your future in-laws and thank them for bringing you in their circle!
  4. You can never go wrong with a night away! Book a fabulous stay somewhere like the Rosewood Mansion or Lake Austin Spa.


  1. A play kitchen is something they will play with from one to six! This is what we gifted Maxi for her first birthday and it is always a hit when they have playdates.
  2. The little red wagon is such a classic first birthday gift, my in-laws gave Maxi this when she turned one.
  3. Maxi didn’t get into life-like baby dolls until she was older {3/4} but she adored her Baby Stella at one.
  4. I’m a big believer if a baby is fussy put them in water or take them outside! That being said, before those toddler tantrums hit, any gift for the outdoors is amazing. I have this on my mind for H’s first birthday!


  1. An initial necklace is always one of my favorites to give. It’s a personal touch to her everyday style no matter if she stays in workout clothing or dresses.
  2. A coin purse with her favorite cocktail?! Yes, please! Then offer to take her out for dinner to enjoy margaritas and fajitas.
  3. Is she a Bridgerton fan? This sweatshirt is one of my favorite things in my closet! I have already told my husband he can never touch it for fear he’d throw it in the laundry and bleach it or something! haha.
  4. A Sasha Nicholas champagne bucket is the perfect gift for a milestone birthday!


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    Such a perfect list. Is it bad if I want all those gifts for myself? 😉

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