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While a candle may seem expected, a luxury candle is always my favorite sussie to give and receive. It’s useful, adds to decor, but not clutter, and might not be something you’d always think to purchase for yourself. Sure, we grab candles at Homegoods now and again, but how often do you splurge on a really lovely candle? Today, I’m breaking down my favorite candles that all fit in the “luxury” category. Maybe you need a pick me up or maybe you need to grab a hostess gift, but I’m hoping you find something that you know will fill your home with a signature scent! This post isn’t all-encompassing, it doesn’t include my holiday or seasonal scents, but it’s got the COF classics.

  1. Forbidden Fig: As I type this post in bed, this candle is burning on my nightstand. With sweet fig, rose, and velvet musk it is a light fall scent that isn’t overly sweet. It is a bit fruity, but warm and could be your go-to fall fragrance if you get tired of “pumpkin spice this” and “pumpkin spice that.” I’d burn this in your living room for the fall. 
  2. Baies: When you think of Diptyque, you probably think of Baies. It is their best-selling berry and rose candle that reminds you of a fancy boutique. It’s a classic that fills the room quickly. You can get it for less than this black jar’s price, but I love to gift this to people as it’s a universal favorite. It’s not my *favorite* Diptyque scent, I’ll share that one below, but it is lovely. I’d burn this in your powder bath. 
  3. Wild Blueberry Vanilla: It seems impossible to crown a favorite in a list of favorites, but Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla is it! I don’t purchase it a lot, because it can be difficult to find some seasons. I fell in love with this fragrance in college. I remember first purchasing it when I lived in a townhouse and my room was extremely small- like walk-in closet-sized. I couldn’t tell you why I spent a weekend’s worth of babysitting on this candle, but I kept thinking it would make my room feel cozy. A purchase to make a small space feel more like home started my love for this candle. I have many stories attesting to my dedication to this candle like tracking it down during the holidays, driving two hours to a department store to get the last one in stock as a gift for my mom. Maybe it’s the sentimental aspects or maybe it is the fact I really don’t treat myself to this candle all that often, but it’s sweet and warm and just a must-have. I’d burn this year-round in your kitchen. 
  4. Bourbon & Bergamot: If you watch my Instagram Stories, you know I deem this the “handsome man in a beautiful home” candle. If you don’t love sweet fragrances, you must try this. We burn this in our bedroom and I gift it all the time to newlyweds. Described as a “citrus softened with cashmere musk and hints of bourbon,” I’ll describe it for you as a candle that anyone would be drawn to. If I had a store, I’d burn this. It’s a little citrus, a little masculine, but overall extremely soft. I know you’re reading that and thinking, “How does all of that mix in one candle?” Just trust. It’s not overly anything, except handsome. It just smells handsome. I’d burn this in your bedroom. 
  5. The Smell of Espresso: Over the past year, I’ve started to burn espresso candles in the kitchen. This happened by accident as I picked up a candle at a boutique thinking it was “fig” and it was most certainly not. It was an espresso candle. I love my morning coffee and crave each and every cup, but I pass on anything “coffee” or “espresso” flavored. Coffee ice cream? Hard pass. Espresso in your cake? I know it deepens the flavor, but is that necessary? Maybe I just don’t like to mix my moments and coffee equates to the morning for me. But what I found burning espresso candles in the kitchen is that they give off a warm and rich scent that cover a multitude of snack sins. Harry eating yogurt that gives off a tart cheery scent? Covered. Chicken cooking in a crockpot all day? Covered. The espresso masks it all but does it without mixing scents because that I can’t handle. As I’ve tried espresso candles left and right, I discovered the new Aromatique one. It has caramel and chocolate notes and gives you the ultimate mocha fragrance. This feels like I’m on vacation with Paul and sitting on a patio sipping hot coffee. I’d totally recommend these as holiday gifts. I’d burn this in your kitchen during fall and winter. 
  6. Bamboo: I follow a few favorite interior designers in southern areas and if I just had my dream traditional home there, I’d have this bamboo candle from Bamboodetective in every single room. This is a home fragrance that isn’t offensive to those sensitive to scents. It’s got citrus and white floral but I find most floral candles to give me a headache and this just has me wanting to buy more. I don’t know how to describe it other than to call it classic. I’d burn this in your entry. 
  7. Pomander: This is the candle that made me fall in love with the brand Diptyque. It’s spicy and has notes of orange and clove. I remember burning this our first Christmas as newlyweds and I couldn’t believe I’d found a candle so lovely. Diptyque fills your home with fragrance quickly, so this will last you for quite some time! Just burn for 15 minutes and your entire home is filled.  I’d burn this in your entry during the holidays. 
  8. Pastel Macaroon: Let’s end on the ultimate luxury note {no pun intended 😉 }, this is part of their townhouse candle collection. The jar in and of itself is a beautiful piece of decor. It is described as a candle that signifies it is time for afternoon tea, and I define it as a sweet and warm candle that doesn’t equate to a headache. There is not artificial sweetness to it. It reminds me of sugar cookies that have almond extract in them! I’d burn this while you host friends for lunch, coffee, or book club. 

So now I must know, what candles do you burn for ultimate comfort?

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  1. Libby Johnson wrote:

    There’s something about fall that always gets me in the candle-buying mood. This post is super helpful – can’t wait to try the Pomander one!

    Published 17 Aug 21Reply
    • Melissa wrote:

      This is so helpful! I always buy my mother in law a “nice” candle at Christmas each year and I’ve run out of ideas! This is also super helpful for my brother in law who also loves candles!

      Published 17 Aug 21Reply
  2. Melinda wrote:

    I was seriously scavenging your website just a week ago to find your take on candles. Thank you, thank you for this post! Your decor posts are my absolute fav!!!

    Published 17 Aug 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you!! I’m so happy this helps you! xx, K

      Published 17 Aug 21Reply
  3. Rachel wrote:

    So excited to try these! You MUST try the Niven Morgan “Paris Blue Cypress” candle. It’s my absolute favorite candle splurge.

    Published 17 Aug 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Just ordered it!! Thank you so much for the recommendation!

      Published 17 Aug 21Reply
  4. Ashlea Adams wrote:

    Katey, I love all your decor posts! I’ll definitely be trying some of your favorite candles. One of my longtime favorites is Voluspa “Baltic Amber”

    Published 23 Aug 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aww thank you so much!! xx, Katey

      Published 24 Aug 21Reply