What to Grab from the Sephora Sale

The Sephora Holiday Savings Event is here! It’s a mouthful, but it’s the Sephora sale! For Sephora members you get:

Rouge Members 20% off

VIB Members 15% off

Insider Members 10% off

All members 30% off Sephora Collection

Use code YAYHOLIDAY at checkout. Sale ends 11/15.

You probably have your favorite items to restock, but in case you want to try something new here are my favorites!

COF Sephora Sale Shopping List

  1. Bumble & Bumble Spray de Mode: I have used this hairspray I think since 2011?! Maybe 2010! It’s a light hairspray that leaves no residue but it WORKS! I was introduced to it by a stylist for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders back then. She said she used it on photoshoots with them and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can’t stand when dry shampoo or hairspray leaves residue or crunch as I like to go as long as possible in between washing my hair for hair health. This one allows me to do that but keeps my style fresh and intact.
  2. INC.redible Party Recharge Under Eye Mask: These are the eye masks that I love! They have hyaluronic acid in them {great for those fine lines concealer settles into!}, depuff, and brighten. They are as cute as they are powerful. I feel like most of the time when skincare is cute and an easy sale based on packaging, it isn’t as powerful. But these eye masks prove you can do both well. I think the biggest testament to these is I took them on my work trip in September and bloggers were ordering them from the trip! I was at a retreat with a lot of bloggers that have worked with amazing beauty brands, and even created products themselves, so they have typically tried everything and are hard to impress. They were trying these in our room and ordering them left and right because of how well they worked.
  3. Iconic London Prep Set Glo: This is my makeup setting spray and I use it in the shade original. Think if MAC Fix + combined with an airbrushed highlight effect, this is what you’d get. It’s the type of product that just smoothes and blends all your makeup together with a glow.
  4. Fenty Gloss Mauve Wives: I love Fenty glosses and I got “Mauve Wives” for fall. I have a photo below of what it looks like. It’s not sticky, has TONS of pigment, and lasts.
  5. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops: These are my favorite tanning drops that I use all over from body lotion to face moisturizer. I’m shade medium. My favorite way to use them is to take this Marc Jacobs buffing brush. I do 2 pumps of my Slushy Moisturizer, 1 drop of tanning drops, 1 dab of this illuminating primer, and then blend it all over my face like I would foundation.
  6. INNBEAUTY Slushy & Green Machine: I am obsessed with INNBEAUTY. It’s clean, affordable, and works well. Think of their products as clean “dupes” to others. The Green Machine is a Vitamin C that is similar to C E Ferulic. The Slushy is one of my desert island beauty products. If I were stuck on a desert island, and I could have 3 beauty products with me {which let’s be honest I wouldn’t care about that, but for ranking products sake let’s go with it} I’d need this. It’s a hyaluronic acid serum and moisturizer in one and I use it every single morning. It hydrates my face so well while creating the perfect canvas for foundation. Some moisturizers leave skin too dry or too dewy before foundation. This one is just right.
  7. Urban Decay Naked 3 Mini Palette: It looks darker online than it is. I struggle to find eyeshadow palettes that don’t allow for wasted product. I feel guilty buying something knowing I’ll use 4 shades. This one is a mini and has the BEST daily eyeshadow options. I use the light ones all over. The darker in the crease. I have a photo below of what it looks like on.
  8. Merit Foundation: In the world of nontoxic foundations, I either find them to have minimal coverage or oxidize and get patchy real quick. The Merit foundation is clean, the perfect medium coverage, and leaves you with a soft dewy look. You look hydrated but not greasy. I am shade cream and I’m ordering 2 for backup because it is my must-have.
  9. Tom Ford Eyeliner: I have a blog post here swatching the difference between Tom Ford and another eyeliner pen. This one is foolproof! It dries matte and creates the perfect winged look every time. You can have a baby on your hip and do this. Trust. And I know the price is steep, but I buy it twice a year from the Sephora sale. One lasts me 6 months +.
  10. Tarte Bow & Go: If you need a stocking stuffer let this be it! I kept hearing buzz about these Tarte Juicy Lip products on Instagram and I thought, “Can it be THAT good? Aren’t all hydrating lip products the same?” I had to run into a store and grabbed these because I couldn’t stop seeing them online and oh my goodness, take what you hear about them and hype them up x10 because they are even better. It’s like an overnight lip balm had a baby with the perfect neutral gloss. I use these as chapstick and still feel pulled together OR put them in the center of your pout with a liquid lipstick. It doesn’t break down the pigment as most glosses do and your lips are perfected. Used as a chapstick sans makeup they are almost like a filter for your lips. I’ve never had lip injections but it almost gives that lip injection look where everything is full and you have no lines.

Lip Combo

I have on the Merit Foundation, Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Tom Ford Liner, and Iconic London Spray!

Let me know what you order! 


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  1. Lauren wrote:

    I LOVE ALL your recs!!! I’ve seriously already bagged up so many items from this post!! Thank you so much! 🙂

    Published 11 Nov 21Reply
  2. Lauren wrote:

    Thank you so much! I love all your recs and have bagged up so many items from this post!!!

    Published 11 Nov 21Reply
  3. Spencer wrote:

    I ordered the Merit foundation because you totally sold it with the dewy, medium coverage. How do you apply it?

    Published 19 Nov 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Spencer! So I use it like a stick foundation and swipe it all over my face, one swipe on my cheeks, one on my forehead. Then I use an artis oval 8 brush {but you could use a beautyblender} and blend all over! xx, Katey

      Published 21 Nov 21Reply