New Year. New Wish List.

Happy New Year, friends! Have you come up for air from the back-to-routine life? I keep thinking I’ve sat at my computer the past two days with nothing to show for it…or at least it feels like that! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Ours was quite restful and filled with many special “firsts” for the kids. I took Maxi to see The Nutcracker for the first time and she was glued to the edge of her seat. Her little arms were mimicking the ballerinas and I couldn’t help but watch her eyes as they filled with joy watching the magical story. Harry got to meet Santa and although he did last year as a baby, this was the first year he could walk up to him. Out of all the little kids in his Mother’s Day Out, he just waltzed up and gave Santa a high five! haha.

And while I could have taken one extra week of pajamas and playing {couldn’t we all?!} we are slowly but surely getting back in the swing of things. If you follow along on Instagram Stories, you know I’m currently organizing all my baby keepsakes. I’ve been making small to-do lists each night like organizing their Christmas keepsakes, writing down their birth stories, etc. While I like to think I keep a good portion of their sentimental items {I have a blog post on it here} it’s usually dispersed all over the house. I want a bit more order to everything. This sounds so morbid, truly, but when we lived in our old house there was a big grass fire that caused us and thousands of others to evacuate their neighborhoods. I went to grab a box of sentimental items and ever since then I think I’m left with a bit of panic in regards to where I store special pieces. Thank the Lord, everything was fine, but it was a lesson I learned in making things easy to find.

Do you have any new projects as you kick off the year? I also hope to get more into prayer journaling and per usual, I’m on the quest for more water than caffeine. We’ll see if that one sticks. 😉

I took a few hours at the end of December to sort out our editorial for the first half of the year and I’m excited about what is coming. But until we get back to a routine for shooting, I’m excited to share a few things I’ve purchased and a few things on my wish list!

Rattan Trunk | Have I ever met a basket or trunk I don’t like? Maybe don’t answer that honestly. But this rattan trunk from Walmart is so cute! Would be precious at the end of a twin bed to hide toys. Harry might need it for his room.

Cabbage Cake Plate | Last year, I ordered this set of cabbage plates and have loved them. They are beautiful for a casual dinner or a more formal setting, especially for Easter! This cabbage cake plate is so cute for spring- when I love to make my strawberry or carrot cake.

Shearling Slipper | I like to start the year with a new pair of slippers, and these are so cute!

Beige Cardigan | I love an oversized cardigan that I can wrap around while I work at my desk or run errands.

Heart Necklace | I’m all about layering necklaces and this is a pretty substantial size to layer. I saw it on a friend and was obsessed!

Western Boots | As a native Texan, I’m so surprised at the Western boot trend. I’m like…cowboy boots? How is that a trend?! Then I’m reminded we don’t all grow up going to Honky-Tonks for concerts. haha. But most of my DMs are filled with questions on finding pink ones and if there is anything I can help you purchase, well nothing could be better than pink western boots!

Turtleneck | While you may wear those boots with a dress for a Bachelorette party, I’d pair them with this sweater and black denim!

Way Out West Detergent | One of my vices is overpriced detergent. I just think it keeps the quality of your clothes long term and when you’re washing baby pajamas 14 times a week, I don’t want them to become too thin. I love The Laundress and I started to use the John Mayer Way Out West collection over Christmas break. I thought John Mayer and detergent?! No way that would be good. It smells warm and comforting, but not overpowering. Just how you’d want your clothes to smell in the winter.

St. Tropez Half Zip | Ell and Emm makes my favorite sweatshirts and I have this one for WFH and carpool looks. The quality is much better than Wildfox after years of washes!

Denim Dress | If you want to wear those pink boots into spring for date night, look no further than this dress.

Mirror | In terms of home projects, I have a goal to work on our entry and will be moving our Last Supper print in there so you see it in the dining room. Then, I want to get a round mirror above our mantle. The last one we had was way too heavy and actually fell off which was pretty horrifying. So I’m on the hunt for something lighter.

Balanced Life Hat | One of my most-worn items from 2021 was a Balenciaga hat, my girlfriend, Ashley, gave me. Pretty sure I wore it at least 3x a week. This one gave me that same look when I was browsing online.

Water Bottle | This was a recent Amazon purchase as I found myself making one too many coffees in the afternoon. Usually, I can’t have more than one cup without feeling off, but chasing an 18-month-old my body is like, “No! Give me caffeine!” Let’s see if this water bottle helps curb that.

Park Hill Candle | I have the last bit of my Nest Holiday candle to burn through and then I’ll be switching to the Park Hill Cotton candle, it has scents of magnolia and is one of my favorites for a fresh start.

Pink Puffer Jacket | I’ve also been going through some of my coats and seeing what I actually use in Texas. I donated some shearling ones, but think this would be perfecting for over workout clothes.

Faux- Fur Poncho | I’m wearing this today as it was one of my favorite finds last year. I have it in white in this version and tan in the one linked.



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  1. Lindsay Solomon wrote:

    The Val Marie prayer journal changed my prayer life! She has tutorials and guides on Instagram and they are super helpful. Good luck!

    Published 06 Jan 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Ooh! I will look into that one! Thank you, thank you!

      Published 06 Jan 22Reply