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Over here in Fort Worth, Texas we are snuggled up for a snow day! We are hunkered down for the weekend with a winter weather advisory and praying to not have a repeat of last year. We lost power for a few hours the other night and while my husband kept assuring me it was a stress test for the grid I couldn’t help but respond, “Yeah…but it is stressing me out!” ha.

I wanted to share a few things we are loving, purchasing, and keeping on our radar! A bit like if we went to lunch and gabbed over recent favorites! So let me pour you an iced tea and get you a popover, here is my January Newsletter.

5 Things Our Family is Loving

  1. Busy Banners: My kids LOVE Busy Banners! They are long banner coloring pages, that you unroll, and give your kids hours of fun. We tape them to our kitchen floor and the kids can color while I cook.
  2. Pajamas: Sheridan French just launched some kid pajamas and y’all know my kids’ love of pajamas. Maxi would never get out of them if given the option. They are shown above and come in the softest materials!
  3. Maxi Sneakers: I recently ordered Maxi these rainbow sneakers, and she loves them! A cute option for school if you don’t want to spend too much.
  4. Wands: Maxi’s birthday party is next weekend and we ordered these rainbow wands as party favors. The shop owner was so kind and delivery was fast. I love sharing small businesses, so be sure to add her to your list!
  5. Messy Eaters Stain Remover: In terms of the most practical product I’ve been loving, the award goes to this stain remover. It removes anything Harry gets on his clothes! Just FYI if you have red clothing it can make it bleed onto other colors- so if your little one has red and white striped pajamas don’t use this on them.

5 Things I’ve Purchased

  1. Placemats: One of Maxi’s chores is to set the table. We’ve had fun finding affordable placemats {#eatingwithkids} and these from Target are precious for spring! They are currently on our table and we love them.
  2. Cashmere: My at-home uniform as of late.
  3. Patio Coffee Table: With this winter weather, Paul and I have been itching to update our back patio. Our cushions have survived a few years of Texas weather and we knew it was time to update. We also ordered this coffee table for the patio.
  4. Birthday Dress: I have a milestone birthday this spring and my mom bought this dress for me! I need to find a cute moto jacket to go over it, but I’m loving the sequins. I mean I never have any place to wear a party dress, so I’ll take it! Size up.
  5. Hat: Janessa Leone makes my favorite hats and I recently purchased this one. It’s shown above in my outfit with Ashley!

5 Things We’ve Been Eating

  1. Chicken Wrap: My friend Ashley and I are always on the quest to revamp our WFH mom lunches. Our entire text thread is us sending food to each other! haha. She and I have both been making this wrap and I told her it almost feels like Chick-Fil-A at home. I heat up these chicken strips in the air fryer and put on a tortilla with cheese, whatever veggies on hand {usually tomato and lettuce}, and ranch.
  2. Magic Spoon Parfaits: For snacks or a light lunch, we’ve been munching on parfaits with our Magic Spoon cereal. I attached our recipes above.
  3. Brown Butter Cookies: Maxi and I made these last Sunday and they are such a treat to enjoy with your afternoon coffee!
  4. Ketchup Chili: I shared this chili hack in the blog post linked. It makes it a bit sweeter and my kids devour it.
  5. Once Upon a Chef Banana Pancakes: I got this cookbook as a Christmas gift and it is great because it gives plenty of kid-friendly recipes. The banana pancakes are on repeat for breakfast in our house.

5 Things Y’all Have Asked

What are some dresses I could wear to my baby shower? 

If I’m looking to purchase my first pair of Golden Goose sneakers, which ones would you recommend?

And you can read my review here!

What are some work totes you’d recommend?

Anything you are loving for spring wedding guest dresses?

What are style staples in your closet?

Love this question! Here are things you see me wear on repeat or similar items if prior ones are sold out. Love all these brands!

5 Things On my Wish List

  1. Toddler Tower: I want to get a toddler tower for Harry in the kitchen and love the look of this one.
  2. Ginger Jars: I love the rich green color of these and think the small ones would be cute for an Easter table!
  3. Zebra Dress: I hope the smocked dress trend is here to stay, it’s perfect for a daytime dress. This zebra one is a fun print.
  4. Tweed Jacket: Light pink and tweed- what is not to love?
  5. Blue Dress: Another gorgeous daytime dress that would also work great for newborn photos!

What have you been loving this month?

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  1. christine wrote:

    OH, I love it all! Can I just say that your blog posts have been SO good lately! I mean they’ve always been so good but I feel like you post less but when you do they’re full of so many good ideas/tips/things and I end up reading them multiple times haha. Anyways, thank you for all the awesome spring ideas, always love your outfit ideas and the things you share for kiddos. Always appreciate you being a bright light in the blogging world!

    Published 05 Feb 22Reply
  2. Kelly wrote:

    I thought of Texas watching the news and was hoping there were no major power outages like last year! That was terrible. My favorite work tote is from COACH. Spacious and sturdy!

    xoxo – Kelly

    Published 07 Feb 22Reply