What I Wore Last Week

I’ve been answering a Q&A on Instagram the past day and one gal asked me to share more daily wear, so I thought I’d share what I wore last week! There’s a mix of casual dresses and leggings, which is my usual style. I’m either rocking sneakers or sequins. Rarely anything in between. ha!


Mondays are my activity days with the kids. We have Little Gym for Harry, dance class for Maxi, chiro appointments for mommy. So I like to keep it pretty casual but still pulled together. Last Monday was a bit more chilly, so I wore this cashmere set I’ve been lounging in. I found a similar option for less I’ll also link.


Maxi’s Pre-K class has a lot of February birthdays, so some of the moms and I did a group birthday party for the kids. I wore my Spanx leggings, an oversized Free People sweater, and some older New Balance sneakers so I could carry in all the balloons and pizza. 😉


On Wednesday we ran some errands for Maxi’s birthday party and I filmed a few things for work. The Free Assembly line from Walmart is one of my favorites for clothing there and this turtleneck {tts} is one of the best!


This is the only snap I have from that day, sorry it isn’t the best! On Thursday we had parent-teacher conferences at school, Maxi got a birthday manicure with Gigi, and my mom spent the day with us. The vest I’m wearing is last year J.Crew, but I did find a cute floral one on Amazon that would be precious for spring.


Friday was Maxi’s birthday, and we spent it at swim lessons and playing with presents- so mama never got ready. 😉 But for her birthday party above I wore this tweed jacket from Avara with cropped black denim and sneakers.

Sunday morning we went to church and afterward I got to meet Peggy for coffee! Peggy is just the coolest. Her son goes to TCU and was friends with my sister, so that’s how I met Peggy. She is filled with motherly wisdom but also is just a fun friend. She lives in Colorado and was in town for mom’s weekend, but I’m hoping her son ends up going to med school in Texas so I get to keep seeing her. ha! I wore this Amazon dress you’ve seen me wear 800x {one of the best buys} with my vest.

We ended the weekend with a family dinner with my parents, Paul’s dad, and Maxi’s Godparents. Maxi wanted to match, so Buddylove to the rescue!

I hope you are having a great week! Thank you for reading.

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  1. Catherine wrote:

    Hi! I have never bought BuddyLove girls before. Does it run true to size? Thanks.

    Published 22 Feb 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Catherine! Yes, it does! We find it TTS for Maxi. 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 22 Feb 22Reply
  2. Brittny wrote:

    I LOVE this post so much! Thank you for sharing, Katey!

    Published 01 Mar 22Reply
  3. Allison wrote:

    Could you share your size in the amazon dress and Shop Generation vest?

    Published 20 Mar 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      of course! An xs in dress and small in vest!

      Published 20 Mar 22Reply