Favorite Summer Candles

I hope you had wonderful family time over this weekend. Between water slides, parades, and more I wouldn’t say it was restful…but it was so sweet! As I pick up the mess from the weekend and get packed for a trip tomorrow, I thought it was the perfect time to discuss go-to summer candles.

In the summer I love the fragrance of Abeille Candles’ scented wax melts. It’s not quite the time for heavy cinnamon scents, but I also am not big on really clean scents. You know, the ones usually titled “cotton”. Here are 5 that are on rotation all throughout our home when the temperatures are 104 in Texas.

Nest Amalfi Lemon and Mint

It started at Belmond Caruso. Right as you walk in the lobby, they have a boutique that is certainly no gift shop. Amongst exclusive Pucci collections and cashmere wraps, they have their Belmond Hotel Exclusive Memories Candle titled “Caruso.” It’s lemon and olive oil and quite frankly, I’ve never smelled a more balanced candle. We purchased one and tucked it away in our suitcase, but I hardly burn it for fear of going through it. So I went to Instagram asking for the best lemon candle and was met with a list I can’t wait to order through! The first one I fell in love with Nest Amalfi Lemon and Mint. Like the Belmond candle, this is balanced, when it burns you aren’t hit with one note over the other. It has my favorite summer notes of lemon and orange bergamot, but it’s topped off with a fresh mint. I love to burn it in our entryway as it seems like it smells just like a cocktail Ina Garten would make you for a dinner party!

Gina Bowhill Bright As a Button

My dear friend Kelsey {she’s a must-follow for interiors on Instagram!} introduced me to this candle. If your mom grew up using that Origins ginger body wash or lotion, you will be transported back to childhood with this. It’s white tea and ginger and reminds me of sitting on the bathroom floor watching me mom get ready for dinner with my dad. I burn this one in our living room and as Harry runs in and out the backdoor with mud all over him, the white tea tricks you into thinking there is a blanket of cleanliness wherever it is burning. 😉

Park Hill Collection Old Estate Magnolia

I love Park Hill Collection candles! When we first got engaged, our wedding planner gifted us one, and I’ve had one on a table or countertop ever since. Old Estate Magnolia is my favorite for our kitchen during the summer months. It has a sweet and lemony sweet that reminds me of sitting on the back porch at my grandparents’ house in Georgia. This candle is as if comfort married clean and I can’t imagine anyone hating it. It’s just that wonderful!

Hotel Lobby Linen

I know I mentioned above that I don’t love cotton or crisp scents, and if I usually see a linen candle I back away as visions of artificial laundry fragrance swirl in my head. This candle does the opposite. It takes the winter scents I crave of sandalwood and pink pepper and infuses it with fresh linen. It’s clean and yet spicy all in one. If you ever fell to loving YSL Black Opium, this is like its mature older sister in a candle. The softness allows it to work all year, as I never feel it leans fall or winter while burning it. I move this candle around the home wherever I am cleaning, whether it is the kids’ rooms or our room. It just leaves the room with that signature scent I wish was running through our AC….exactly like a Hotel Lobby!

Homegoods Wild Almond Blossom

I feel absolute guilt sharing a candle I simply can’t find online, but I know most of you probably have a Homegoods near and so you must run to get this. The packaging isn’t my favorite, but it’s well worth it. It’s called Wild Almond Blossom and is a natural soy blend wax. I can’t find a brand, which is why it is difficult to source online, but I’ve included a photo above while you are perusing during your next Homegoods run. I have this burning in our dining room and it’s one that can work from spring through fall. It’s the sweeter of the scents listed in this group, but I love it in a dining room because it almost smells as if you are about to serve cappuccino with biscotti for dessert.


I’d love to know what you have burning our diffusing in your home during these hot and humid months! Feel free to share in the comments.

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