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A few weeks ago, I was making a casserole with Harry. I briefly showed the top of it on Instagram stories and one of my elementary school teachers messaged me asking if it was this specific recipe my mom made. I told her it was and she mentioned how my mom used to make it for all the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. It brought a smile to my face because that’s the type of person my mom is. You can’t help but remember the ways she showed her appreciation for you, even decades later.

Because she’s extremely thoughtful and is not shy to share her opinion, I had her come over last week to help me corral a list of top MacKenzie-Childs gifts under $100. When I polled you all on home gifts, the overwhelming majority said that gifts for the home should either be:

sentimental, consumable, or purposeful.

We aren’t just gifting items because they fit the budget, we are gifting because we appreciate the recipient and how they will integrate that piece in their home, their safe space, their family’s little haven. And if there is anyone that can help me select the best pieces for that, it’s Gigi.

Enter our Top 10 MacKenzie-Childs Holiday Gifts under $100.

OH! And let me not forget one of the best parts, they increased my code for you to do your holiday shopping! Use code KATEY20 on their site! 


tin sleigh

I think many are apprehensive to gifting gift cards because it can feel a little unfinished or not thought out. But I’m here to say, that isn’t the case! I think there are so many instances {especailly teachers} where I’m going to recommend a gift card 99.999% of the time. And we can still wrap them in a beautiful presentation. Gift card, meet MacKenzie-Childs Tin Sleigh. I’m like Oprah with these sleighs. I’m obsessed. I’m over here shouting, “You get a sleigh. They get a sleigh. Your tree gets a sleigh.” The sleigh can be used to store office supplies on their desk, or even wired to the top of their tree as a tree topper.


taylor colossal mug

I know most people would argue to avoid gifting coffee mugs, but they aren’t talking about MC mugs. 😉 This is the number one coffee mug I get asked about on Instagram- side note, I’m cringing at how “blogger-y” that sounds. But I can pinky promise you that if I’m holding this mug chit chatting on Instagram, the sourcing questions come flooding in. So if you’ve got a friend that loves to cozy up and watch Father of the Bride on repeat, she will love this! Extra credit if you put a favorite hot chocolate {mine is Beam} or tea in.


courtly check frame

My favorite frame in my home is my Courtly Check frame. It has a black and white photo of Harry and me together on his first Christmas. Going the extra step to frame a photo that represents a milestone of the recipient’s year makes it even sweeter. Maybe your friend had a new baby, got married, or moved states- document that in this timeless frame!


butterfly candle holders 

When it comes to gifting the number one remark I hear is, “This person has EVERYTHING.” You’ve heard me say it before, but you are not trying to gift them something they’ve never seen or never owned before. Instead, find something that makes the everyday special or something to add to a special occasion. That’s where a tablescape piece is perfect. We aren’t as prone to purchasing candle holders on a whim, but we are so grateful when we have them to dress a table as we prepare for a loved one. These candle holders look like a piece of art for your table. They don’t take up much room to store. And she will be able to use it the next time she hosts you for dinner.


dinner candles

Have a friend that is always up for hosting your group at her house? Gift her an array of dinner candles from MacKenzie-Childs. Help replenish her hosting stash with something she can use up during the holidays. For my readers focused on not adding to clutter, this is a fantastic gift. Want to dress it up a bit? I love these candy cane candles and then you can pair them with these candy cane sugar cookies with buttercream icing on top.


courtly check ornament stand

I’m guilty, okay?! I confess. I can hardly toss a phonics test Maxi takes. While I’ll purge my own goods to high heavens, I treat Harry’s Do-A-Dot art from Mother’s Day Out like it’s an oil painting I won at an auction. ha. If you have a friend that falls in this camp, gift her this ornament stand. It’s such a beautiful way to display those handmade ornaments that come home from school at Christmas. Mom, if you’re reading, I’ll take another! One for Maxi and one for Harry. 😉


courtly check wreath hanger

I was reading through a gifting poll, and two or three hundred gals said their MIL was the hardest to shop for. The continual theme was that she had impeccable taste, owns everything and decorates for holidays early, so you feel you can’t add to it. This is where the wreath hanger comes in! Next to my tea kettle, this may be my most used MC piece?! I’ve had it for years and never change it out. No matter the season, it welcomes all your guests with a touch of joy and whimsy.


jubilee canape knives

As my mom and I were selecting this, she had me in tears laughing. We both mentioned how if you are invited to a holiday party and bringing an appetizer, gifting these with them and telling the hostess, “No need to wash and return, these are my gift to you!” is a nice treat. I told my mom they’d be cute with a cheese board or cheese ball. And she went on a rant about how she hates cheese balls and we shouldn’t bring them to parties. I’m sure many of y’all caught that rant on Instagram. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a year! At the end, I told her that was the appetizer I brought to Paul’s family’s Christmas party the first time I attended one. The look on her face. haha. Appetizer arguments aside, we both agree these are so cute and colorful! I always use them when hosting our community group.


nutcracker & tree guest towels

This was my mom’s favorite! So much so, she took these from my house for her house. haha. She said if you are stumped, you never go wrong with a linen. Like the candle holders, it’s just something you probably don’t purchase for yourself, but you always want to refresh them for holidays.


salt & pepper shakers

I snatched up holiday neighbor gifts during the Barn Sale this year. I’m doing MC whisks wrapped with a baked bread. I also couldn’t get over these teapot salt and pepper shakers. They are perched on a little tray in my kitchen that houses olive oil and seasonings. You can even gifthese with a cookbook that served their season of life newlywed, family-friendly recipes, do they do Whole 30? etc.

No matter what you need to add to cart, you can use code KATEY20 for a discount on your holiday purchases with MacKenzie-Childs. And while I doubt anyone will remember one of my casseroles decades later {like they do with my mom} people will remember I always liked to gift a touch of Courtly Check.

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  1. S. Marie wrote:

    I loved this post! Do we REALLY actually know anyone who does NOT like or has not admired MC pieces!? I know that I don’t know this person! Even folks who don’t want to purchase it for themselves are ecstatic when it is gifted to them! Thanks for the code!

    Published 04 Nov 22Reply