How did you start your blog?

I started my blog when I was in college with one of my best friends, Kristin. At the time we were working for public relations agencies assisting on fashion and beauty accounts. A large part of our job was working with bloggers and implementing campaigns for brands. We decided to combine our passions for writing and fashion by starting Chronicles of Frivolity. We thought it was a cheeky take on our tales of frivolous spending and a way to further study our industry.

What did you get your degree in?

I got my degree in public relations and minored in business. During my time in college I interned for different PR agencies.

 What advice would you give if someone were interested in starting a blog?

Focus on the sole reason you want to start a blog and use that as your catalyst for growth. Blogging is such a saturated industry that it is really easy to think you want to start one because you see an end goal, but when you focus on the driving force you gain so much more! Do you love to write, do you want to help others or are you really interested in aesthetics? Let that be your cornerstone, the rest will fall into place. I also have a blog post here where I share my Blog FAQ.

What are your favorite spots in Fort Worth and Dallas?

Check out this post on for my favorite brunch/shopping and hotel spots! If you’re headed to my other favorite city, NYC, here are my go-to places.

Do you hire interns?

At the moment our COF team is full and we are not hiring.