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The past year and a half of my life has really been dedicated to my career. I can’t tell you the last time I just “watched” a movie at night without having my e-mails out or typing away a new post. I’ve numbered goals by anything work related and my mindset has been a little bit more, “I’m really excited for next Friday because I will have completed that campaign, etc.”

I finally feel more comfortable in my career’s schedule and how to handle things. I have an assurance of who I am as a business woman and how I handle projects, so some priorities are shifting in my life. I recently discovered and utilize software defined interconnect, a smart way for businesses to connect to clouds. With Paul & I getting married I really want to take our first few years of marriage and complete goals together as opposed to just getting sucked into work black holes [which we both easily can].

One of my blog friend’s Mackenzie has this amazing concept of 101 in 1001. It’s a list of 101 things you complete in 1001 days. She is on her second list and I’ve always admired it! In college I remember skipping a class once to try and make my own list, but my goals back then were so different.


1. Make A on Spanish Final

2. Don’t die taking Spanish Final

3. Sleep after Spanish Final

I clearly let things consume me! 😉

Now that my priorities are so much different, I finally finished my list! I decided to share mine so you all could start one too, or let me know if you have completed any of mine!

Start Date: May 15th, 2015

Finish: February 9th, 2018


1. Marry Paul

2. Get a dog

3. Run a fun 5k

4. Find a new church for us in Fort Worth & join

5. Work out every day for 1 month

6. Try a spin class [Completed May 24th, 2015 at Zyn22]

7. Learn to cook 5 meals Paul likes

8. Find somewhere I can regularly volunteer

9. Plant a garden & don’t kill everything in it

10. Host a bible study for younger girls [June 8th, 2015]

11. Host a housewarming party at our new home

12. Drink only water for one month [R.I.P. Diet Coke]

13. Read 1 book a week for 1 month.

14. Go to bed at 10 p.m. every night for 2 weeks.

15. Do a bible study on the book of Revelations

16. Get my last name changed on all my documents


17. Create a strict work schedule & stick to it for 2 weeks. [June 8th, 2015]

18. Do more research on my blog demographic [i.e. Focus Groups] [June 10th, 2015]

19. Create videos for the blog

20. Learn how to work my new camera/lens

21. Have an office/closet “Cloffice”

22. Figure out the best editorial schedule & stick to it.

23. Take an Adobe class

24. Learn to edit videos

25. Computer off every day at 5 for two weeks

26. Go through the painful task of unsubscribing from junk mail

27. Feature 3 “How To” posts

28.Surprise a reader with a gift

29. Start a religious blog series [June 2nd 2015]

30. Don’t touch work during honeymoon

Family & Friends

31. Take a girls trip with my mom & sister

32. Run a 5k with my dad & sister

33. Attend a Tech Football game

34. Go to Tech & actually see where my future spouse went to college! haha.

35. Host a holiday at our home [Father’s Day 2015]

36. Put together all of my Nana’s recipes

37. Go on my sister’s college tours

38. Take a girls’ trip [June 6th, 2015 to Austin]

39. Try out a book club with girlfriends

40. Send flowers to someone just because [June 10th, 2015 to Laura]

41. Take a calligraphy class with girlfriends

42. Host a themed brunch for friends

43. Make sure all wedding thank you notes are sent before Christmas

Dallas/Fort Worth

44. Go to all the Top 25 restaurants in Fort Worth [yes, please!]

45. Have a picnic [we had one for our engagement picture but never got to eat! haha]

46. Be cliché and eat at FiveSixty

47. Have a staycation

48. Have our new home photographed and published

49. Feed the giraffes at the Dallas Zoo

50. Visit the 6th floor museum

51. Go to the Blow Dry Bar [How have I not done this…]

52. Try the Beauty Bar

53. Dallas Flea Market

54. Go to 3 Diners, Drive Ins & Dives restaurants

55. Go Geocaching

56. Host a party at our home


57. Go to Europe

58. Take a vineyard trip

59. Go to California

60. Take Paul to New York

61. Watch the sunrise & set in Maui

62. See Sleeping Beauty’s Castle [no judgement]

63. Go to Salt Lake City

64. Weekend getaway to New Orleans


65. Watch all the Harry Potter Movies

66. Try Microdermabrassion [Completed June 2015]

67. Go one week with no heat on my hair [Scarrrrrry]

68. Eat an entire week off of Pinterest Meals

69. Subscribe to my 3 favorite magazines [Completed June 15, 2015 Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Porter]

70. See 3 classic movies

71. Get back into tennis

72. Make Breakfast in Bed

73. Decorate our home for Christmas

74. Play Golf

75. Start SATC from beginning to end

76. Have a picnic.

77. Go wine tasting

78. Learn a litttttle bit of French

79. Organize my Pinterest recipes

80. Have window treatments I love made

81. Finish decorating our home

82. Send 5 “just because” letters

83. Renovate our kitchen

84. Hang Blue Plates in Kitchen Completed June 14th, 2015

85. Inspire someone else to make a list [Completed May 15th, 2016]

86. Finish this list


87. Save $10 for every goal accomplished

88. Find the perfect every day bag

89. Invest in Sophia Webster shoes

90. Treat myself to Valentinos

91. Invest in a Slim Aarons print


92. Get our Christmas Card List in order [#southernproblems]

93. Homemade Christmas Gifts this year

94. Do a 100 days of happy journal

95. Do 5 DIY Projects

96. Make homemade bread

97. Hide our TV cords

98. Make a scrapbook of our engagement/wedding [so cheesy!]

99. Have a font of my handwriting made

100. Grow my own tomatoes to make my own salsa

101. Learn to fold fitted sheets

Have you tried any of these?! Have a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for stopping by!

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