Fall Uniform

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Top: [c/o] Sage Threads & Co.  Pants: [c/o] Sage Threads & Co. [Blank NYC brand] Bag: Neiman Marcus, Similar Lips: Nordstrom Shoes: Nordstrom Sunglasses: Nordstrom

We all need uniforms. In college we might run around in baggy tees, but post-grad I’ve struggled figuring out, “What the heck do I wear on a Saturday?” 
Errands, laundry, naps and lunch with friends doesn’t exactly scream crop top and midi skirt. Enter, the uniform. 
Each season I like to pick a go-to outfit. Whether it is a Canadian Tuxedo or a v-neck, I invest in one thing and run from there. It makes getting dressed easy and allows your look to become a staple, as opposed to not thought out. 
For fall I’ve been piling on flannels and black leather pants. While that isn’t groundbreaking, you would be amazed to find that shopping for them is. Everything is boxy. Everything. I’m 5’3″-ish and a size 4. I’m petite, but muscular and so I don’t want anything making me look more broad. So I see a boxy flannel and run. 
I came across the Offering Flannel from Sage Threads & Co and fell in love with the lace detailing, but most importantly the fit was lean! But the most best part of the outfit? The pants. They are BLANKNYC and are called “The Spray On.” They are so slimming and comfortable, which just means more midday naps for you! 
This store has some of the best staples I have seen, but most importantly, everything is really great quality. Forever 21 will have leather pants and flannels, but I throw them on, look like a cardboard box and walk out the door and see 4 holes. Not cute. 
What is your favorite fall uniform?!
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  1. I love this idea! It’s so true. I think your flannel look is perfect, easy, and super stylish!!

    Published 29 Sep 14Reply
  2. I totally participate in the “weekend uniform”. I have my go-to pieces for getting dressed on the weekend and that’s pretty much what I wear. I’ll mix it up every now and again, but it definitely makes getting dressed easy. Love your uniform look!

    XO, Jaime

    Published 29 Sep 14Reply
  3. So pretty I love the shirt!!!


    Published 07 Oct 14Reply