Canadian Tuxedo

In one part of my closet I keep “uniforms.” Four simple looks per season that I can’t stop living in. It is a life changer during those, “I swear my alarm was set!” moments. The looks are “supposed” to change with the weather, but this one stays in year round. 
The Canadian Tuxedo is my favorite of them all. You can’t wear it and appear disheveled. No matter how dirty your hair may be or how “out of it” you feel, this look is pulled together. I try to stick with darker denim on bottom and a light chambray on top, but if I’m being honest as long as I don’t look like B.Spears from the 2001 VMA awards, I’ll take any denim I can. 
I also love it for nights out. My girlfriends and I typically start at Mi Cocina but we could always end up at the movies or out dancing, so I need something versatile to say the least. I add my most comfortable pump and will add a colorful blazer or coat. This coat is wild [pun intended] but denim is the vinegar of food, it tones everything down to wearable comfort. So pick your uniforms to ease your morning routine and add in something a little spicy, like this coat! 
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  1. Jessica wrote:

    I am LOVING this look! Haven’t quite found the perfect pieces to rock the CT but I’m constantly on the hunt. Love the light chambray with the darker bf denim. I’ll def have to try your tip on pre-put-together outfits, I’m always running late! 😉
    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 09 Dec 14Reply
  2. i knew i liked you but now it is confirmed, the canadian tuxedo speaks to my soul! it is my absolute favorite combo, even though my huz always teases me for so much denim. i just think it looks sooo chic and is so fun! love it with that amazing jacket!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

    Published 09 Dec 14Reply
  3. Jodi H wrote:

    I love those jeans, they look so comfortable.
    xx, Jodi

    Published 11 Dec 14Reply