Spring Uniform

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Dress: Shopbop | Bag: The Lady Bag [c/o] | Shoes: Here, Here | Necklace: Baublebar [c/o], Baublebar [c/o], Similar | Watch: Michele | Bracelet: Hermes, David Yurman | Lipstick: Lilac |

Photography by: Angie Garcia

When Paul and I got engaged, I got really strict about my work schedule. Paul was the one who really encouraged me to start COF with my best friend, Kristin. He was a huge reason I stuck through blogging and I owe so much of my job to his help.

However, I didn’t want our marriage to be “work” all the time. He is a CPA but he isn’t in tax. He is an auditor, so he works 90 hour weeks from end of December to around May and I didn’t want the only time we had to be working. I buckled down, set out specific shoot days and rarely stray from it.

Except when rain gets involved. Rain is such a diva, always affecting plans. It rained 7 days straight last week so I knew we’d have to shoot the weekend. I shot with my photographer, but he came along. I honestly forgot how much fun it is to work with your spouse.

And by fun I mean he zips up all my dresses, hands me my bag, tells me when I have lipstick on my teeth and keeps me laughing while people wonder, “Isn’t she a little old to be taking senior pics?” haha!

Paul is so laid back with me. I mean I honestly wish all of you could meet him. I think if I chopped off all my hair, painted our living room pink and dyed Peaches blue he’d walk in and say, “Looks great! Want to go to dinner?”

It’s a contagious characteristic so the day went by so quickly! I wore this dress to church [well and 4 other places last week, but I don’t need to call myself out for that…] and it was so comfortable! I even told Paul, “Okay, this dress is seriously a keeper. I’ll wear this thing until I’m 72, through pregnancies and all! It’s a little pricier, but I knew it would be a great basic to have in my closet for years to come while keeping the shape. I’ve found that sometimes when I skimp on chambray it gets holes in it or feels so stiff. Plus, when it is 108 in August I need something cool and this fabric is so breathable!

To wear it to dinner I threw on a statement necklace and this Alma crossbody from The Lady Bag. I love designer resale with handbags [makes it more affordable and less shopping guilt! 😉 ] and The Lady Bag specializes in Louis Vuitton. I thought this would be great for lots of trips we have coming up because it is a smaller bag that actually fits what you need without taking up your entire arm!

So do you like working with your other half?! I’m so curious how other people like it if they are able to! Thanks so much for reading, have a blessed day!


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  1. Nikki wrote:

    Love this post Katey! You inspired me to pull out my Alma bag and wear it this spring! Maybe I should get a strap like that also! and seriously eyeing those shoes too! xo

    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  2. Kacie wrote:

    How lucky you are to have found Paul! 🙂 This look is too cute – I’m loving that chambray dress!!

    xoxo, Kacie

    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  3. Y’all are the absolute cutest! Love hearing your sweet stories. My fiance takes my blog photos and we always have a really great time doing. He has me laughing nonstop!

    Love this dress! So cute and comfy looking

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  4. Annaliese wrote:

    What a cute Spring outfit!! So sweet to hear about Paul helping with your blog and photoshoots. I am currently very much single but dream of finding a guy someday who enjoys helping with my blog! 😉 Haha!!

    xoxo A

    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  5. Kathryn wrote:

    This does seem like the perfect dress to have around when the temperatures start to spike!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  6. This is almost identical to my favorite spring outfit! Except this one may be even better because it’s so versatile!



    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  7. Such a great chambray dress! <3


    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  8. Sarah Mcclanahan wrote:

    Love this whole outfit!! That’s fun that your husband came to work with you 🙂 unfortunately my hubby works 8 hours away so when he’s at work he’s gone for 2 weeks 🙁 but every now & then he’s come with me to show houses so I don’t go alone. 🙂

    Published 16 Mar 16Reply
  9. Jessica wrote:

    I love the shout out for a CPA who is NOT in tax! I’m a CPA too and work for a big 4 firm in auditing so I completely understand Paul. But, I love to wear stylish clothes and shoes to the office or to clients. Because of this, I have been given a lot of opportunities in recruiting or finding new business with our partners since I look professional and stylish! I love your style so thanks for doing what you’re doing! I copy every one of your lipstick colors since I discovered you 🙂

    Published 17 Mar 16Reply
  10. Megan wrote:

    Hi Katey! Have you ever thought of doing a post that covers some of your favorite places to get pre-owned designer bags?! I’m always worried about trying new sites because I’m worried the bags won’t be as nice as the pictures.

    Love love love your outfit!!


    Published 17 Mar 16Reply
    • Megan-
      At The Lady Bag we do not touch up our photos at all. We want to be honest with our customer about all aspects of the bag. We also guarantee authenticity! The Lady Bag prides themselves on customer service and I can assure you you will be thrilled with your purchase! If you have any doubts you can always send us a email and we can send more pictures. Don’t forget to use Katey45 for $45 off your Louis Vuitton!

      Thank you

      Published 18 Mar 16Reply
  11. I bought these sandals & I love them so much!

    Published 18 Mar 16Reply