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I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and that you are all rested up! I’ve been in Colorado for the past week and it was so much fun ringing in the new year with my family and best family friends! 
I’ve been so lucky spoiled growing up in the same church my entire life. I was actually the first baby our Pastor dedicated, and everyone in our church has either babysat me or took care of me when I was little! Our best family friends are from our church and I had no idea how special that was until I graduated and moved to Dallas. I’ve been on vacation with these family friends hundreds of times, but somehow at this age, it has makes me even more grateful to my parents for allowing me to grow up surrounded by a constant love. I have some great bible studies I am part of in Dallas, but finding a church home has been such a process for Paul and I. It seems like every few Sundays I just miss knowing people and we head back to Fort Worth to my church. 
I know I’ll have to join a home group and meet more than 5 people in a church to feel “at home. I just  struggle with it feeling “inorganic” just because of how I was raised in the same church, and never had to do that to meet people. That’s 100% my problem, it’s just a combination of being shy when I don’t know people and missing home! 
Something I really want to aim for in 2015 is to get out of my comfort zone and find a group in a church I really feel close to! One thing that has made me feel better about this situation is the group of girls in my bible study. I’ve become so close to them in the past few months and can’t imagine life without them! Their positivity and kindness is something that definitely reassures my drive to find a home church in Dallas. [If you’re moving post grad find a group of girls and start a Beth Moore study! It is life changing and makes the transition so much easier. :)]
Has anyone else struggled with this before?! Or do you have anything you need to get out of your comfort zone with in 2015?!
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. I love your outfit!! I grew up in the same church that my mother went to her entire life, but when my stepdad had some issues with mental illness, the way we were treated by our “church family” was enough for us to leave the church. I am so envious that you have such a strong family base where you attended. My boyfriend was raised in a Catholic family, and I plan to convert to to Catholicism this year… Definitely something out of my comfort zone, but something I am very excited about!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 02 Jan 15Reply
  2. Do you have on Rose Libertin from YSL on in this picture? If so, I love it! If not, what color/brand is it? Also, I absolutely love reading your blog every day. Your style is amazing, along with your beautiful apartment. Thanks for all of your beautiful posts!


    Published 02 Jan 15Reply
    • Thank you so much! 🙂 You’re so so sweet! And yes, that is what I am wearing on my lips! 🙂

      Published 02 Jan 15Reply
  3. We finally found a church we love and then we moved. Once again, we finally found one & are moving at the end of the month.. You will find one & it will be perfect! Anyway, I have a question. I always see instagram posts with your Bible. I’ve been trying to find the perfect Bible for about a year and can’t find one I just love. Do you have any recommendations. Thanks!

    Morgan Neal

    Published 02 Jan 15Reply
  4. Dine wrote:

    Having such a great spiritual foundation will help you make the best choice in selecting a new church home. Don’t change who you are to accommodate anyone, if you are shy, good spiritual people will recognize that and gravitate to you instead. Sometimes we push friendships and attract the wrong people. Stay focus and everything will be great.

    As always your outfit looks great, I like that you wear your Yurman bangles with almost everything. They are my favorite too. Blessings in the New Year Katey.

    Published 02 Jan 15Reply
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    Published 06 Jan 15Reply