Rainin’ Men

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Rain boot season is almost upon us and I haven’t had the best relationship with them in the past. Like at all.
I never even owned a pair until college and they were cursed. 
They were really cute, but they were gifted by a guy I dated and we broke up that very day? [Question mark because how strange is that! #problemswhenyouare18] And every time I wore them in class they smelled like burning rubber. Seriously. Something was wrong with them. Should have been recalled. 
So I only wore them when necessary [when it looked like a hurricane was upon us]. Since then I never invested in rain boots, and I have ruined one too many pairs of boots because of that experience. I just assumed all boots were made with dying rubber and were uncomfortable. 
I bit the bullet and bought some Hunters because my sister said they were life changing. 
My sister is a hippie who thinks you shouldn’t even waste time blow drying your hair, so if she thinks ANY material item is worth the price Jesus probably thinks so, too. 

These bad boys are worth every penny. They are so comfortable and they don’t squeak! You can get away with wearing them as normal boots AND they don’t smell. At all! #blessed
I wanted to share an easy way to style them in winter weather and see if you had a pair?! So glad I purchased and got to RIP the cursed pair. 
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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    So glad you said you could get away with wearing them as normal boots. Did this the other day and wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Now I feel more secure in my decision!

    Published 12 Jan 15Reply
  2. I’m just like you! I never had a pair of rain boots till college, mostly because I hated how they looked. They were a necessity in college though and I was grateful to get my own pair of Hunters as well. They really are a lifesaver!

    I love the way you styled them, so pretty and chic 🙂


    Published 13 Jan 15Reply
  3. I’m obsessed with my Hunters. And they go with EVERYTHING! I don’t know how rubber can match pretty much any outfit, but Hunter made it possible.


    Published 14 Jan 15Reply