Dyson Review + Giveaway

Dress: Rebecca Taylor {c/o} | Chair: One Kings Lane | Bracelet: Henri Bendel | Brush: Dry Bar | Dryer: Dyson

Photography by: Angie Garcia

When the Dyson dryer came out, I immediately went to Snapchat and said, “Does this give you Disney princess hair? If not, why would anyone pay this for a dryer?”

And I held pretty firm to that notion, too. I saw some people rave about it, but truthfully, I just thought it may speed up dry time, but that wasn’t worth the price tag to me.

I held firm to my beliefs that this was an unnecessary expense that I would never desire.

Until I started to see girls with my hair texture preach this was the MUST-HAVE item for hair. I saw a few bloggers  on Instagram and then it was like every single place I went I heard girls say, “You have to get a Dyson.”

So with my birthday this past March I told Paul and my mom I’d love a Dyson. I even threw them an Ulta coupon to make it hurt less. Worst case? I’d return it if it didn’t work.

At my birthday dinner, I opened it up and I was so thrilled to try it out.

How have I felt now owning it for three months?

It’s Life-changing with a capital “L”. Let me list the ways:

  • I now blow dry my hair before bed {I have no excuse not to, it takes 4 min!} and therefore don’t wake up with knotted wet hair that takes 400 hours to style. 
  • Speaking of manageable, it used to take me about 30 minutes to style my hair because I was trying to tame the sins of sleeping with wet hair the night prior. I’d have to whip out a blow dryer and a straightener and a curling iron. It was an exhausting task. Now my hair curls easily in about 12 minutes.
  • My hair feels ultra soft after I dry it. Typically, dryers leave my hair feeling like straw- hence, why I’d gotten in the habit of sleeping on wet hair. This doesn’t do that.
  • I also end up using less heat on my hair because with it drying so smoothly if I want to wear it straight the next day, I just touch-up a few pieces in 2 minutes and I’m good to go! 
  • Our bathroom shares a wall with Maxi’s bathroom and the dryer is SO quiet, it doesn’t wake her up. 
  • I also hated drying my hair because I didn’t know what I was doing. With the Dyson, there really isn’t a way I can mess it up. I get the same result each and every time whether I use a nozzle, brush or just my hands. 

Why do I like the Dyson?

For starters, it tames my hair. What really drew me in was a few hairdressers I spoke to said the airflow design causes your hair to dry so quickly and so smoothly. It wasn’t necessarily the temperature of the heat, but the design of it all, so I was very intrigued! I also heard girls with fine hair saying they didn’t like it because it made their hair too flat. Well, that is not an issue for me and honestly SOLD me more on this product.

I also kept hearing how it dried your hair in under 10 minutes and I’m SO lazy when I shower at night. I mean, it is a miracle in and of itself I do my evening skincare routine. Because come 9 pm I’m the most worthless human being. ha!

Since owning it, I’ve found it dries my hair in 4 minutes and 38 seconds. Each and every time! Even on my most exhausting days, I can manage to do that. I also don’t have to use a brush or style it any particular way. I legitimately just spray a heat protectant and dry my entire head of hair with my fingers. The end result is straight and smooth locks, which DOES not generally happen with my type of hair.

Do I Recommend The Dyson?

I recommend the Dyson if you have hair that needs taming! If you were already born with a head of Disney princess hair, keep your more affordable dryer. Granted, this cuts your dry time by half, so if you are pressed for time even with more manageable hair you may really want this! However, if you have thick, curly, wavy, textured, frizz-prone, unruly, #WhyDoIHaveSoMuchHair hair, I think you’d love this! I will say, if you have more fine hair, I have heard from some girls say this wasn’t something they liked because it made their hair too smooth. BUT I also know another blogger that has more fine hair and she says she loves this thing, so it’s hard to say. I can really only speak for my hair type.

Ultimately, I think this text from March speaks for the dryer.

Here is a photo of the first time I used the dryer. And if you have hair like me, you know your hair doesn’t dry this way unless your behind is leaving Dry Bar! ha!

Now this is definitely a more frivolous item, and in the spirit of Chronicles of FRIVOLITY, I’m giving one away! To win one, head to my IG later today and I’ll share how. 🙂

Happy blow drying, ladies! Do you have the Dyson dryer?! What do you think of it?!

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  1. Hoping this giveaway is open internationally! Thank you so much for the review, Katey! I’ve always wanted a Dyson hairdryer but I can’t justify the huge price point since I tend to air dry my hair! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  2. I do not have instagram. I wish I could win.

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  3. Jessie wrote:

    I want to try the Dyson SO bad! I have wild hair that takes approx. an hour to get completely dry blowing it out!! My hair is super thick & coarse & reaches to almost my belly button, but I have attachment issues so I refuse to chop it! Hopefully one day I’ll get the opportunity to try it out!

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  4. Jessica wrote:

    Oh my gosh!!! I need one now!!! Eeeep!!!!

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  5. Allie wrote:

    I’ve wanyed the Dyson ever since I first heard about it. I feel like the hype died down and I was left wondering if it was worth it. You glowing review makes me feel like the answer is yes! Thank you for the insight, xAllie

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  6. Christine Frederico wrote:

    Does anyone who does keratin treatments have feedback on the dyson dryer? I have very long thick hair and keratin cuts my drying time in half already (with a drug store dryer) but still frizzy and requires flat iron (very expensive kind haha). Wondering if I should invest… if I don’t win haha

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  7. Jessica Moody wrote:

    I have been wanting to try dyson for a long time… hate drying my hair takes forever …. love my hair long but keep it short b/c of drying…. my hair holds water so it takes about 30 mins to dry…. So I have heard the dyson is the best and would love to win one….

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  8. Kathy L wrote:

    Your hair looks so great in the photo you shared in the text message! The dyson hairdryer is so pricey, and I’ve not justified spending that amount—but my stylist uses it on me during my hair appointments, and my hair is so smooth! Would love a chance to win it!

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  9. Irina wrote:

    I don’t know what it is but the Dyson is nothing special for me. My hair takes so long to dry and the Dyson doesn’t cut my time in half at all. BUT I just bought the Buttercup dryer and I am obsessed.

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  10. Heather wrote:

    You are honestly my favorite blog to read! I look forward to it every day. You have changed my skin care life. I am now a TULA and Colleen Rothschild and have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. All that to say, your suggestions are always so great you have me seriously considering the dyson. I mean it’s expensive…but maybe worth it?? Thanks for your amazing suggestions.

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw this comment made my day! Thank you so much for your loyalty as a reader!! I was convinced this was not worth it and then I tried it and am in a fully-committed relationship! haha! xo, Katey

      Published 10 Jun 18Reply
  11. MariTess wrote:

    Blow drying my hair is my biggest chore! I cant even imagine how life changing a 4 minute blow dry would be! I totally need to save up for this!!! Worth it!

    Published 08 Jun 18Reply
  12. Anna wrote:

    Ohhh I need this!

    Published 09 Jun 18Reply
  13. Rajal wrote:

    My hubby bought it for me and at Best Buy they even had 20 percent off , that’s why he bought it for me

    Published 09 Jun 18Reply
  14. Jessica wrote:

    Do you use one of the nozzle attachments when drying or no?! Convincing me to buy!!

    Published 05 Nov 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jessica! I have started to! But I am so bad using a brush with a dryer that I don’t have to use it all the time! Haha. Xo, Katey

      Published 06 Nov 18Reply