How to Make a Cheese Board from Trader Joe’s

girl eating cheese board from Trader Joe's

plate with cheese

A little creamy, a little tangy, a little salty, and a little sweet. I mean who doesn’t love the flavors of a cheese board/plate?! Now make it a Trader Joe’s cheese board…and you’ve got heaven on a plate!

To me, a cheese board is not only the easiest hosting hack but also a perfect way to have a date night at home. Paul can bathe Maxi, I’ll whip this up in 10 minutes, and then we can have quality time after she goes down to snack, sip on wine, and talk. We also struggle to have dinners together as Maxi eats dinner at 5, and I have fallen into that habit as well. If Paul gets home from work around 10, then I know I can make a smaller version of this plate along with his dinner. I’ll munch on that while he eats, and it is just a nice way to enjoy sitting at the table with one another.

As we go into fall with the holidays, I wanted to share how I make mine with items from Trader Joe’s! If you have a “Friendsgiving” and aren’t sure what to bring or need to take something to a Halloween party, try this! To make my cheese boards, I use this platter from MacKenzie-Childs. And I think you could throw in some cute cocktail napkins as a hostess gift along with bringing the appetizer.

So here is another excuse to go to Trader Joe’s…as if you needed one. 😉

Trader Joe’s Shopping List

{I’m going to try to find imagery to link to each item so you can see packaging!}

  1. Marinated Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
  2. Uncured Applewood Smoked Salami
  3. Unexpected Cheddar Cheese
  4. Truffle Marcona Almonds
  5. Dried Apricots
  6. Brioche Toasts
  7. Spanish Cheese Tapas Sampler
  8. Blueberry Vanilla Chevre- Goat Cheese
  9. Greek Olive Medley
  10. Triple Cream Brie 
  11. Peach Bellini Jam
  12. Fig & Olive Crisps {I’m addicted to these and eat a box a week! Oops!}
  13. Thomcord Seedless Grapes

There is no rhyme or reason while dressing your cheese plate {or maybe there is!} and just have fun with it. Try different jams or local honeys each time you make one and you’ll be surprised at all the combinations you can have with it.

Maxi just woke up from her nap after Little Gym, so I’ve got to run. I just wanted to share this quick little weekend post in case you had time for a date night at home. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. The cheese board looks decadent, so fancy! I wish Trader Joe’s would open here in Hong Kong, haha! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 15 Sep 18Reply
  2. Katie wrote:

    This post is ?? Just the kind of content this 20-something year old needs! Love it. Thanks for the tips.

    Published 15 Sep 18Reply
  3. Jennifer wrote:

    Love this post!! I ALWAYS buy my stuff at Trader Joe’s but some of these look yummy and I need to add them to my list!! ❤️

    Published 15 Sep 18Reply
  4. Always love a cheeseboard! They’re so tasty and make for a beautiful presentation when hosting guests.
    Must check out the truffle almonds and olvie medley!

    Published 16 Sep 18Reply
  5. Sarah wrote:

    Thanks for this! I Love making cheeseboards and will use this one for inspiration next time!

    Published 16 Sep 18Reply
  6. Lindsay wrote:

    Cheese board + Trader Joe’s = the best post!

    Published 16 Sep 18Reply
  7. Annaliese wrote:

    Love Trader Joe’s!! Cheese plates are my FAV- love splurging and ordering one in a restaurant. They can get expensive though. so how smart to make your own for home! 🙂

    xoxo A

    Published 17 Sep 18Reply
  8. Katie wrote:

    Love this! I shop at TJ all the time, and they have such good stuff. This could even be great as a light dinner! Def going to check out those truffle almonds (!!!).

    | Katie Actually |

    Published 17 Sep 18Reply
  9. Totally craving a cheese board now – that looks SO GOOD!

    If you haven’t tried the Creamy Toscano Soaked in Syrah cheese from TJ’s you absolutely should. It is my favorite cheese of all time!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 18 Sep 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Now I need to go back to TJ’s! Sounds SO yum!! xo, Katey

      Published 19 Sep 18Reply