Chronicles of Motherhood: How to Throw a Diaper Shower

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Why Have a Diaper Shower?

A baby is plenty of reason to throw a diaper shower, but when planning a shower you may wonder if a diaper shower fits the bill. I had a diaper shower {we did that with books!} with my girlfriends and it is just genius! Practicality meets precious.

Here are a few scenarios in which I’ve seen a diaper shower happen:

  • A Second or Third Baby: Many of my girlfriends are on their second or third babies and they want to celebrate each life they bring into the world! But a lot of them feel like they don’t need a traditional shower when they are having babies closet together or even the same gender. A “Sprinkle” is a traditional shower for a second, third, fourth, etc. Many of my friends have had diaper showers because they need diapers, but they may not need things like burp rags when they already received them. I’ve also heard that the mothers feel less pressure on their friends with diaper showers- they aren’t having their friends look up registries, etc.
  • Gets Dad Involved: I’m seeing more and more showers lately where they want couples to be involved- and I love it! While I love a girls’ afternoon for a bridal or baby shower just as much as the next girl, lots of dads want to enjoy this process, as well. Diaper showers can have a more casual atmosphere and therefore I’ve seen guys feel like they can enjoy it more. 🙂 I’ve been to diaper showers where they do a BBQ and everyone can enjoy the football game on and just relax using white maeng da kratom.
  • Allows Mom to Relax: I’ve been to some diaper showers where the moms are 33 weeks pregnant with their 3rd baby and they really wanted a diaper shower because it truly allowed them to relax. Without the pressure of opening gifts, the mom got to just sit, enjoy her company, and eat!

We all use diapers for our babes, so a diaper shower truly works in any scenario, but hopefully, that gives you some ideas! 

5 Tips for Throwing a Diaper Shower


A breakfast shower is so easy and can be come & go, which I personally love. I think it’s less pressure on the guest of honor! After showers, I always worry, “Did that person know anyone else in the room? I hope that person knew I wish we could have chatted longer!” You don’t have to do a come & go shower, in fact, I would ask the mommy-to-be her preference! However, I think that option just removes a lot of the nerves with being the center of attention. You can properly greet everyone instead of having 60 people walk in the door at once! ha. With an array of delicious donuts, have a cute coffee bar! I use these cups from Amazon. Get the mama a mug just for her, I love this! Don’t forget decaf options.

Pick a Brand

I’ve always been told to stick to one brand with a diaper shower, either a brand the mom uses or requests. I was a Huggies baby and Maxi is too, so that’s what I would pick for my faux shower! 😉 Definitely have an assortment of sizes. I would do a few boxes of Little Snugglers, a lot of Little Movers {they have a size-up indicator which is so helpful!}, plenty of OverNites, lots of Natural Care Wipes, and then I’d even add in some Pull-Ups! These will keep baby dry, comfortable, and happy! The Natural Care Wipes are 99% water and filtered 3x so they are perfect for newborns! We use them on Maxi, still, because she has sensitive skin!

Have an Encouraging Activity

Now I’m not saying you have to nix shower games, but why not replace one with an encouraging activity? Grab some of the Huggies Little Snugglers for those late-night newborn changings. These are actually the fastest growing brand in hospitals, that have a GentleAbsorb® Liner that draws away *runnier* messes- which is what you want those first few weeks! The diapers are fragrance and lotion free, as well! Instead of a traditional guest book, have the guests write sweet encouragement to the mom on the front of the diapers. She’ll remember her shower and smile at 3 a.m. because of you!

Use an Array of Sizes- Plus Wipes!

In this “faux” shower I set up, do you see how minimal of decor I needed?! Honestly, stacking boxes of diapers works perfectly. Toss in some balloons and it looks like a party. When shopping for diapers and decor for the party, don’t forget that babies grow. 😉 We just opened a box of Size 4 Little Movers we were given the other day and I was so grateful! Many people will get NB or Size 1 and babies grow out of those sizes so quickly. Don’t forget the wipes, too!

Focus on Comfort for the Mom

I’ve heard of this tradition happening at baby showers and it is brilliant! Before a mom opens or acknowledges her lovely gifts, someone will say, “Before you start, I want to give you your first gift. I’m giving you the gift of no thank you notes. We all know you are grateful and we are grateful to have you in our life. You deserve to spend these last few weeks resting.”

Now I’m all about a proper thank-you note and stationery. I adore picking out stationery and I think the act of writing them is one that should never go out of style. I remember sitting at our dining room table with my mom learning how to write thank-you notes. It is one of my greatest memories of childhood.

I truly love giving and receiving thank-you notes, but I thought that was a brilliant idea. Personally, I’ve never known a pregnant woman to not be overly gracious to her guests and beyond grateful for burp rags, cute onesies, and pacifiers. All of these gifts allow her to focus more on motherhood and less on running errands for necessities. Ultimately, that is what a diaper shower is about! A diaper shower allows a mom to not have to make a late-night grocery store run when she is out of diapers or wipes. This allows her closets to be stocked and far less stressed.

So whether you tell the mommy-to-be to not stress on thank-you-notes or you choose to have this shower come & go, I think it is always best to focus on the mother’s comfort and what will make her feel loved and honored.

There are so many stages a mom will go through with her babe. From finding out if they like bouncers to pacis or if they will take a bottle. But one gift you’ll always use is diapers! For us, Huggies is the brand that stays through all of her new stages, even when she grows out of other products. Have you been to a diaper shower?!

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  1. I love the idea of a diaper shower – can’t ever have enough celebrations! The reasoning behind one is great too! 🙂

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