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Coffee Maker | Coffee Mugs {old Anthropologie} | Similar Blazer | Shorts, Shorts for Less | Shirt {wearing xs} | Tray {old pottery barn} | Belt | Frother |Torani Raspberry Syrup | photography by: Angie Garcia

I remember when I first started hitting up the Starbucks drive-through around 16. I wanted coffee that tasted like anything but coffee. A white chocolate mocha with an extra pump? Absolutely. A frappuccino with no traces of coffee-bean flavor? Yes and yes. I would have been ALL about the tie-dye frap or whatever they’ve come out with this summer.

While my tastes have changed quite a bit over the years, I joke that Whole 30 ruined me with coffee. Not to be dramatic, but it did. I used to never be able to fathom black coffee and since doing Whole 30 years ago, I cannot handle creamer in my hot coffee at home. Sure, I can do it at Starbucks or other coffee shops- I feel like that’s totally different. That’s PROFESSIONAL and quite frankly, delicious. But, I would be buying random creamers to try just so I could drink them again. Each time, I hated them! I know, I know. Most people try to ditch their love of creamer. I wanted to have a go-to for when I had people over or when I wanted to enjoy some coffee with a friend at my house. I mean who wants to have black coffee over a date with friends?! I felt boring and bland. 😉 But I finally accepted the effects of Whole 30 years later, I just don’t like creamer in my HOT coffee at home and went about my day. I emphasize hot because I love it in my iced coffee at home. But that’s an entirely different and specific story. 

That is until I tried this recipe at home! Lately, I’ve been having more and more coffee dates at home. It’s just easier with a toddler to invite a friend over, have some coffee, and let the kids play in the living room. So I was bound and determined to make a decadent coffee treat at home that I loved, and y’all, this is it! It’s such a lovely treat, feels like a dessert, but still gives me that quick caffeine buzz around 3 p.m. I make this for Paul and me on weekends or when I have girlfriends over for a coffee date and it is so simple, so I’m sharing the recipe today. I’m no barista and don’t know the difference between a lavender latte or an oat-milk latte, so I promise anyone can make this.

When I’m at Starbucks I love to get a nonfat mocha with a pump of raspberry! However, in true Starbucks fashion, the mocha tastes more like a hot chocolate than a coffee. It’s probably why I think it’s so good! ha. This one I make at home is far more coffee forward, but gives the same comfort and satisfies any chocolate craving I have. Plus, it’s just fun to serve to girlfriends!



Take your coffee mug and squeeze in some chocolate sauce into the bottom. You can do more or less just depending on your taste. I think I probably do a teaspoon!

Brew your coffee, this is our coffee maker! The La Marzocco coffee machine is also perfect for brewing fresh coffee faster and easier.

As the coffee is pouring in, I add in some Torani Raspberry Syrup. Now be careful, this stuff is potent! You just need the smallest amount!

Then, I froth my milk in my frother. Top desired amount onto coffee. {Our coffee maker came with this frother, but here is the link if you don’t have one.}

Then I drizzle the top of the frothed milk with a bit of extra chocolate and throw in two or three raspberries on top to enjoy!

If you are serving someone that prefers a sweeter coffee, you can add a dollop of whipped cream to the top, as well.

This is Goldilocks coffee to me! It’s not as sweet as a traditional coffee shop drink, but it’s not just plain old black coffee, which never feels special enough for a coffee date! Let me know if you try this simple recipe at home!

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  1. This looks beautiful (so Insta-worthy) and sounds delicious! Thanks for the recipe, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 24 Jul 19Reply
  2. Pamela Heath wrote:

    A woman after my own heart! I could’ve written this blog (almost) using your exact words, starting with Starbucks, White Chocolate Mocha, extra pump! Add some McKenzie Childs – I need a coffee date with tha Frivolity chick!! I love your blog – thanks for sharing!

    Published 24 Jul 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Girl, I adore you!!! Coffee date any time! xo, Katey

      Published 24 Jul 19Reply
  3. Morgan wrote:

    I love me some coffee creamer but they all taste very fake! You’re inspiring me to try a more natural flavoring of my daily coffee!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

    Published 25 Jul 19Reply
  4. Sarah wrote:

    I’m the same way with my coffee after Whole30! A blessing and a curse haha

    This recipe sounds delicious – I’m going to have to try!

    Published 29 Jul 19Reply