Amazon Prime Day

It’s Amazon Prime Day and as you browse for back-to-school or electronic deals, I wanted to cover a few of my favorites. A few of these items I’ve blogged for years and some are new-to-me obsessions. From slips to backyard chairs there is a little mix of everything.

  • Bissell Cleaner: We purchased this about a year ago to help keep our carpets clean and it is amazing! From kids getting sick to spilling drinks, it works on everything from our carpet to our patio furniture cushions. I have let neighbors borrow it, I rave about it so much. Be sure to grab the solution as well.
  • Neck Light: This might be the most random of the favorites, but it’s one I use every single morning. This neck lamp is great for reading, but I use it in the mornings to do my quiet time or work on my laptop if Maxi is in bed with us. I’m able to get things finished next to her without disturbing her.
  • Snack Container: I try my best to not hoard too many large snack containers for the kids, but having traveled with them multiple times the past month this is the best! It spins so it entertains them, and has 5 sections for 5 different snacks.
  • Everyday Bra: After pregnancy and nursing two babies, I just can’t stand regular underwire bras. I shared this last year, but this is the bra I wear most days. It is seamless under shirts and extremely comfortable.

  • Spray Bottle: Something about turning 30 made me want to embrace my natural hair texture more. I’ve always worn it curly a few times a month, but I wanted to really learn what my waves liked vs. didn’t. Shockingly enough in the past 6 weeks, I’ve only blown it out 3 times. In that time, I’ve learned that I have to rewet it in the mornings to refresh my style. It’s the only way it works for me! This is the spray bottle I use and it diffuses the water so evenly. I also use it on Harry’s hair.
  • Sticker Remover: Before this, I’d just use lemon essential oils on everything and it was a mess! This tool works on everything from removing pesky Homegoods stickers to getting wax out of old candle jars.
  • Messy Stain Remover: I’ve shared before and afters of this with Harry’s clothing and it’s almost unbelievable. The ONLY stain It’s never gotten out for me was blue spray paint. That’s it!
  • Little People Organizer: We keep this in the kids’ playroom to easily sort Little People toys.

  • Shark Vacuum: This is the #1 asked-about Amazon product in my dm’s! It’s the handheld vacuum I use everywhere.
  • Acrylic Cupcake Stand: For the kids’ parties, I like to save money and use cupcakes over cake. Kids don’t notice the difference. 😉 I display them on these cupcake stands.
  • Smoothie Glasses: This is what I use for my morning smoothies- would also work great for iced coffee.
  • Adirondack Chairs: We gave these to Paul for Father’s Day for our fire pit.
  • Re:Coil: This curl activator helps my wavier pieces take shape. You can shop the rest of my curly hair products here. 

  • Wine Glasses: I hate to splurge on regular wine glasses, and have loved these from Amazon
  • Box Cutter: A must-have to save your scissors.
  • Smoothie Cups for Kids: These are the glasses we have used for the kids for years.
  • Bag: This has been my summer handbag and it comes in a ton of colors.

  • Popsicle Molds: We use these to make popsicles for the kids. My favorite thing is how neatly it stores in your cabinets.
  • Slip: I ordered a bunch of different slips off of Amazon before our trip, from $100 to $10. This $15 one was my favorite for under sundresses.
  • Travel Wallet: My mom swears by this so I used it before Italy. It’s perfect for just taking a few cards in a clutch!

Clothing Favorites:

Okay, I lied. A few more for good measure. Here are the Amazon pieces I rave about for clothing.

  • Sweater Dress: I have this sweater dress in mocha and wear it nonstop. I need to grab another color, it’s the top item I live in in the winter and fall. My sister borrows it non-stop, too! See it here. I take an xs in it.
  • Workout Shorts: When it comes to those Free People shorts, I couldn’t ever splurge because they seemed so short. But these from Amazon have been fantastic! They are the perfect summer mom workout short. I take a small in them.
  • Summer Dress: This cotton dress is also a great option in the summer. I take an xs in it.
  • Tank Dress: If you are melting like the rest of us Texans, this is the dress for you. I have owned it in another color for a few years and it’s the only thing that feels decent to wear in this weather! ha. It runs oversized.


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  1. Amy (amyfooz2) wrote:

    Great items! I already bought five of them and am going back for more. Thanks so much for your efforts, Amazon can be hard to navigate sometimes!

    Published 12 Jul 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you, Amy!! 🙂

      Published 13 Jul 22Reply