April Newsletter

I skimmed the weather app and saw that it will be 100-degrees in Fort Worth this weekend and I sadly thought, “Goodbye spring!” And while I always feel bummed with March and April fade away {I’m a spring baby through and though} I am excited for this upcoming summer. It’s my last summer before Maxi starts elementary school and feels like my last season of little kids. Sure, we have many more of those seasons to come with Harry, but what’s the saying? Your family’s age is the age of your oldest child. Because if you’re doing elementary pickup at 2, the youngest has to be with you, regardless. I’m sure this sounds a bit ridiculous to mourn, but I’m for sure grieving the end of one season with equal excitement for the rest. That’s more than you bargained for in a monthly roundup, but I just am excited for lazy summer days with my kids in their kiddie pool eating countless popsicles! Bring on the heat, Texas!

Let’s recap April!

Top Sellers

  1. Pimple Paste– Let’s be honest, acne products aren’t tempting at Sephora. Wrinkle reducing? Intriguing. New brow pomade? I’m curious. New lipstick? It will change my life. But when was the last time you really thought, “Wow, let’s try a new pimple cream?” It’s like buying olive oil at the grocery store- a necessity, but not exciting. This pimple cream will have you telling everyone you know about it. It was my top seller in April and one item I have gotten so much wonderful feedback from! I covered in my Sephora sale post here. It gets rid of deep blemishes overnight. Seriously. Banishing blemishes may not be all that fun to talk about, but you’ll be telling every girlfriend about this product because it works that well.
  2. Target Dress– Why do Target finds spark so much joy? There’s something about needing to run in for diapers and finding look-for-less sandals that feels like your little reward for running errands. This floral dress has the happiest hues for summer and is a great silhouette for church. It’s also on sale this weekend. 😉 It runs TTS and you can see me wear it here.
  3. Citronella Candle– You’re probably prepping your patios for dining al fresco and backyard bounce houses, so don’t forget your citronella candles! This one from Walmart smells DIVINE. Well, all of them do! Cocowater is my favorite, but they are all fantastic.
  4. Cake Stand– I have used cake stands in my kitchen to house soaps since I graduated college. Wooden pedestals are quite popular for this, but those are a bit more rustic for my decor. I love using cake stands because it’s a kitchen item you already have, you’ll continually use, and you can find one that fits your taste. This lilypad one has been my go-to this spring. I have the size small.
  5. Sterling Check– This month I had a discount code to MacKenzie-Childs for my readers, which was such a treat! It was to celebrate the launch of Sterling Check, a collection that blends with any decor style! I have the kettle in my kitchen and it is soft enough to work with blue and white, but glam enough to stand next to a few copper pieces. If you need anything from MacKenzie-Childs, my code is still good for a week or 2! It’s Kateymcfarlan15 for orders or $100+.

Monthly Read

The Husband Hour– I read this on the flight to and from Las Vegas and it was a page-turner. Predictable in ways, but the dialogue was enjoyable to read. If you have any trips, it’s the perfect plane book!

Favorite Amazon Buy

Neck Lamp– I can’t even express how much I love this thing! I’m an early riser and work in our room before the kids wake up. A kid always ends up in our bed at night, and so I hated that a desk lamp could wake them. I know, I know. I should just go in the kitchen to work! But it just feels cozier in our room. I ordered this neck lamp a few weeks ago and it is perfect for my morning quiet time and getting some work done. Bonus points- Harry is obsessed and puts it on his neck to run around and chase his sister all day. It’s hilarious!

Favorite Meal I Made

Elisabeth & Butter’s Easy Chicken Enchiladas– If I could only follow 10 people on Instagram, Elisabeth and Butter would make that list. She is so joyful and shares delicious baked goods. What is not to love?! And she also lives in my favorite beach town. She always shares these easy chicken enchiladas and I finally made them. My kids loved them and I used rotisserie chicken so these took 5 minutes to assemble. Definitely adding it to our regular meal planning. It won’t let me link directly to her highlight, but it’s listed under her meal highlights.

Favorite Item to Keep Me Organized

Joy Creative Speaking of meal planning, this meal planning notepad is such a good gift for a friend! I use it weekly to meal plan and make our grocery list. Much better than a random sheet torn from a notepad. 😉

Favorite Product

Allie & Bess Stack– Without a doubt, my Allie & Bess mommy and me stack! It meant the world to get to create this with my mini-me and to see you tag me with your little ones made Maxi so excited.

Favorite Before & After

I’m a sucker for a before and after, so I couldn’t highlight April without showing favoritism to our dining room.

Sales to Shop

Anthropologie gave me an exclusive sale code for you to get 20% off select items, for today only! A little Mother’s Day shopping for yourself. Use code Katey20 on these items.


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