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Rug | Chandelier | Butterfly Mirror, Look for Less | Lego Shelves | Lavender Ginger Jar | Bed {Blush Fabric, Capri Piping} | Quilt | Lamps | Monogram Sham | Pillows | Bolsters | Paint– {Shade Wing It} | Similar Panels {Vintage}, Look for Less | Scarf | Table & Chairs & Shelf- Restoration Hardware | Pram | Stuffed Animal Basket | Sheep | Dollhouse | Eloise Doll | Eloise Doll | Doll Stand |  Bow Lamp {Vintage} | Black & Gold Chest {Old Pier 1} | Lavender Dresser {Old} | Boot VaseSimilar Tea Set |

Last week I shared Harry’s “toddler room” so I couldn’t let this week pass without sharing Maxi’s room. We made a few updates over the summer as she headed into kindergarten- some functional and some frivolous, of course. 😉

The star of the show? We added a trundle bed from Oyster Creek Collection! Maxi’s room is the old primary {our’s is an add on} so there was plenty of space for a trundle. I had a trundle daybed growing up, and remember loving it! I swapped out her chandelier for something that felt more her style and framed a scarf that says “tea time” as a nod to all the tea parties we have.

It feels a smidge more grown up in here for some reason, but still has barbies and dolls and legos throughout! Maybe it is the fact this room stays clean now the majority of the week while she is at school. I could just write a novel of a blog post about the transition to kindergarten. Everyone keeps saying to me, “Oh, isn’t it wonderful?!” And yes, yes it is. In fact, as I type this at 6 a.m., she has woken up to run in our room to ask if she has art class today. She loves it! She played school all weekend in her room with her dolls. But it feels…honestly? Weird. My little sidekick for the past 5 years now spends most of her day with new people, and Harry and I can’t seem to ignore her absence. He walks around all day saying, “Go school, get sissy.” I did have a sweet friend at church yesterday tell me it took until about Christmas break for it to feel normal when her first went to kindergarten. I was so thankful for that honesty. I’m sure I’ll look back on this post in a few months and giggle at my naive, new-elementary mom self, but for now, I’m adjusting. I burst into tears last Monday while cleaning up dinner. I looked at Paul and said, “Well, between carpool and dance, I’ve had two hours with her today. TWO!”  And honestly, that feels like a stark contrast to life before. So more seasoned mamas, spill the honesty. Tell me when the transition feels more normal. I laugh each time a friend asks how Kindergarten is going. I say, “Maxi is thriving. Mama, not so much.” But isn’t that what the majority of motherhood is about? We spend years preparing their hearts, our homes, and their minds to launch them, and then in little moments, they launch.

From my home to yours, I pray your week is filled with lots of love, no matter what you are launching.

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  1. S. Marie wrote:

    Just a beautiful little girl room! 100% on board, Elouise and all!
    We have lived thru Madeline, Elouise, Barbie, AG.(Samantha ALWAYS a fav!) The room is little girl, but not too little girl and you will be able to tweak it thru college! ESPECIALLY that fab daybed!
    Katey, all I can say is that as soon as you adjust to kindergarten-then its first grade and the sleepovers begin and now Brownies even has overnight trips! At birth when the Dr. puts them on your chest, you sigh and think “Mine. ALL mine”, if we are being honest… In truth we have to come to grips with sharing. Sharing them with the world. THAT is so hard, I know. They are part of us and part of the world. By spring break, you will be thinking of the upcoming summer with both of them MOSTLY with you (of course there will be the little, fun day camps) and believe this or not but by the end of summer next year you might actually be looking forward to school starting. A little bit anyway. Also, this gives you so much more one on one time with your son. Your little girl had you all to herself before the birth of your son and NOW HE gets HIS turn!
    Now Peaches? She is ALL yours FOREVER! ;-D

    Published 29 Aug 22Reply
  2. Ore wrote:

    Hi Katey,

    I love your home styling posts! I am currently pregnant and many people are telling me that I would have to give up my decor like flowers on a side table in the living room, my stone fireplace etc. This makes me sad LOOL. How do you preserve your home styling with your toddler? Have you had to make any changes? How do you keep the styling while keeping the toddler safe?

    Thank you!

    Published 31 Aug 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Ore! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Such a sweet time in life! Every child is different, but a dear interior design friend once told me, “If they always see it, they won’t touch it.” And that has been true thus far! If you always keep your home styled a certain way, they won’t really be interested in it. But accidents do happen, so for safety there are changes I’ve made. I switched from a coffee table to an ottoman. I do miss the styling of a coffee table, but it would get taken over by Barbie clothes and dump trucks. So the ottoman is much easier and cozier. We got a fireplace protector for the sharp edges of the brick. And then I keep my herend china out of reach. Other than that, I leave everything out! Mount furniture to the wall in case they are climbers, but if its any consolation, neither of my kids haver really fussed with furniture! xx, Ka

      Published 27 Sep 22Reply
  3. Annette wrote:

    Lovely room thank you for sharing! Can you please share where the two different tea sets are from? I see where’s one on her table and one in her bookshelf. Thanks so much!

    Published 03 Oct 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Anette! Thank you so much! The one on her table was mine when I was a little girl and the one on her bookshelf was an etsy find! xx, Katey

      Published 03 Oct 22Reply