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Have I told y’all how I’m on this Eat, Pray, Love journey to organize my phone camera roll? I mean, I’m failing miserably simply because I take two steps forward and fifteen back given my job. But a few gems have come from this little project. First and foremost, I’ve really been able to see what I wear more often than not. It has then led to me decluttering in ways I wouldn’t have been as tempted to before. You know, like tossing the maroon eyeshadow I don’t wear. Or the 15th makeup bag I haven’t EVER used for travel….or for storing makeup. So I suppose failing at my camera reel has had some benefits, too.

Enough about my purging obsession, let’s discuss what you’re actually here for. In this practice, I polled my most-worn items as well as cross-referenced what I link the most. This is like your little COF cheat sheet, and while I’ve shared wardrobe staples over the years, these are options that are in stock. Because y’all know I’m a colorful gal and a neutral capsule wardrobe just is nowhere to be found in frivolity land.

I present to you the top 10 items of clothing and accessories I regularly wear.


  1. Hunter Bell Dresses– If you head to my Instagram, I’m probably in a Hunter Bell dress in every other photo. I have a similar body type to Hunter and something about her dresses allows me to wear them every season of life. From pregnancy, and nursing, to neither- they simply always work. She also lives in Texas and I love how realistic her pieces are for our weather. So often I’ll skim through a J.Crew catalog in the middle of summer and wonder, “How is anyone wearing silk or sweaters?!” We just aren’t blessed with that weather, here. If you’re a new Hunter Bell customer, you can use my code KateyHB15 at checkout.
  2. Sheridan French Skirts– Another female designer I adore is Sheridan French. Her pieces also weave seamlessly throughout motherhood and if I could only keep 10 pieces in my closet, her skirts would take up 3 spots. In the summer, I tuck in tanks and tees, and in the winter I throw cropped sweaters over them with cowgirl boots. The skirts are light and breathable, but make a punchy statement with the print, so if you just want to throw your hair in a low bun you look effortless.
  3. Cowgirl Boots– I feel like we need a post on favorite ways to style cowgirl boots?! Or maybe I’ll just take any excuse to wear them. I’m either wearing sneakers, heeled sandals, or cowgirl boots! Miron Crosby and City Boots are my favorite brands. If you’re ordering online, I go up half a size in both.
  4. Denim– I basically rotate the same three pairs of denim and rarely have luck trying new. I’m 5’3″ so I prefer a cropped style, and most “cropped” denim are still way too long on my frame. My favorites are: The Insider Crop Step Chew Jeans by Mother denim, these have stretch so you can size down. L’AGENCE Margot for skinny jeans, these are very fitted, so get your true size. Frame Le Original for looser-fitting denim, and I size down in this style.
  5. Denim Shorts– For denim shorts, nothing beats the Parker Agolde Long Shorts. They are comfortable and high-waisted enough to tuck tees into them.
  6. Smocked Dresses– I’m a sucker for Hill House nap dresses. Maybe it’s because I prefer dresses to denim. Maybe it’s because they became so popular in my season of having kids {hello, nursing friendly}. Or maybe it’s the fact the quality is incredible. I was chatting with a reader via DM about the cost per wear. She was saying she wears her dress at least a dozen times a season, and I shared the same sentiments. The top dress I always get complimented on with my blog is a Hill House one from years back. When you think of just how often you can wear them, and easily dress up or down, you can’t stop adding them to your closet! I take an XS in the regular Ellie Nap Dress and the Louisa, and then a S in the Naia Nap Dress. I size up in Maxi’s dresses, too.
  7. Quilted Jackets– Is it any shock the generation that grew up on Laura Ashley and now adores Loveshack Fancy brings the quilted jacket back? I purchased my first one before Harry was born and I’ve purchased far too many ever since. My favorite brands are Lindsey Berns, Brooke Wright, and Throw Midland.
  8. Colorful Cardigans– It may be 108 where  I live today, but you won’t catch me in church or a movie without a cardigan. I’m the type that puts seat warmers on in my car when it’s below 85 out. I love a punchy color for a cardigan because I think it’s just a nice juxtaposition to a more delicate style that you’d find in a nap dress. Some of my favorite brands are KilteLe Lion and Never Fully Dressed.
  9. Caftans– You either love or hate a caftan, and I for one CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THEM. La Vie is really big here in Dallas/Fort Worth, but caftans are our version of cocktail dress for about 5 months out of the year with heat. I remember my first “caftans and cocktails” party a decade ago and I went to buy my first one. Now I’ve made quite the stash between Sheridan French and La Vie. I also know the price is hefty, but here are a few tricks. First, you want to always check Matches Fashion and Saks. They sell La Vie and have sales. For example, the green floral caftan featured on this mood board was 70% off on Matches when I made this. There are also La Vie FB groups where you can rent, buy, or sell. I wear this slip with my caftans. For me, these caftans make far more sense because I can wear them for any event {you never feel over or underdressed} and if a friend is pregnant and needs to borrow, it works!
  10. Michael Stars Tanks– Much like my journey to purchase the perfect white tee, I have tried just about any and every tank. The Michael Stars brand is the Goldilocks of tanks you tuck in. Not too fitted. Not too loose. No bra straps showing. Just right. I have white and black and honestly should get backups because nothing else compares.


  1. Hale House Pearl Earrings– The double pearl earrings I always wear are a great find under $40 from my favorite boutique.
  2. Jennifer Zeuner Hoops– When it comes to hoops, Jennifer Zeuner has perfected them. They are substantial enough to make a statement, but always so lightweight you could sleep in them. I have a few pairs and love them all.
  3. Milliard Necklace– For my birthday, I got this Milliard Necklace that has my family’s birthstones and Maxi’s handwriting in, “I love you Mommy.” This, along with my charm bracelet from my mom and grandmother and my wedding rings, is my most cherished piece of jewelry and something I never take off.
  4. Mushroom Necklace– I’ve always thought mushroom jewelry was cute in a whimsical way. I’ve probably made one too many fairy houses with Maxi, but my motto is why not have a quirky piece of jewelry?! I have one from Brent Neale, but you can find plenty on Etsy like this.
  5. Colores Collective Bag– I have an unhealthy obsession with Colores Collective. Her bucket bags, home baskets, and tops fill my home. I just ordered this one yesterday! I was never big on evening bags, and these are the perfect size to dress up or down.
  6. Allie Bess– When it comes to bracelets, I always have on multiple Allie Bess pieces. They are local gals and I’ve been a fan since day one. As you collect, you can mix and match to create your own perfect stack. The Ari bracelet is next on my list! You can always use my code KATEY20 at Allie Bess for a discount.
  7. Name Ring– I got this ring when I had Harry and it has both kids’ names connected. It’s such a special piece, we gave one away at our school’s auction this year and it was a hit amongst the moms!
  8. Gucci Wrap– This is the shawl I wear to every wedding and take on every trip! Even if I am already wearing a bright color, the pop of peony pink always works well.
  9. Cobra Bracelets– I love cobra bracelets because you can stack a few and it’s not uncomfortable to type on a computer or cook with. Tatum James makes this 3-style one and she gave a code for readers that is KATEY15 for 15% off your purchase!
  10. Butterfly Earrings– If I am swapping a hoop for a statement earring, 9 times out of 10, I am wearing my butterfly earrings. I love that I can throw my wavy hair up in a messy bun and still feel elegant in these. Plus, they aren’t heavy. 😉


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