‘Tis The Season To Dress Up

If you are in a sorority, were in a sorority or plan on joining on you know that getting ready for formals is an art. I would go dress shopping with a girlfriend a few weeks before, buy a dress and legitimately look like Godzilla in the dressing room. The lighting, no makeup and ponytail typically contribute. Some girls asked for tips on getting ready for prom/formals/events and I got really excited about this post. I think I’ve mastered Extreme Makeover in a sorority bathroom. I was the girl with a line out the door to tease girls’ hair and spray tan them. Men can somehow put on a suit after anything and look good, we just take a little more time, but we turn out better. 😉
  • Spray Tan: I can’t emphasize this enough.  Once you find the correct shade or product you’ll feel like a new woman. I swear after I birth a child I’m getting a spray tan so I feel better. Do this two days before.
  • Focus on Color: If you watch award show reviews, the first thing they mention is the color of the dress. I love getting my dresses from BCBG for brights or Aidan Mattox for a strong nude. 
  • Eyes or Lips: If you have a nude dress go for Ruby Woo or if you have a bright dress stick with Creme D’Nude. Or if you want to emphasize eyes a winged liner for a bright dress and a smoky eye for a nude. 
  • Rollers: Whether you wear your hair down, up or curled leave velcro rollers in while you do your makeup. It gives you volume that hair spray and product can’t. And it looks much more natural than only teasing your hair.
  • Accessories: Necklace or earrings. I really don’t suggest focusing money on rings or bracelets. In photos people will immediately gravitate to your face and a necklace or earrings frames them. 
Shop below to see my favorites for a formal night!

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