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I’ve tried to film my makeup routine. More times than I would care to admit. I admire Youtubers so much. I get about 14 seconds in and then think I sound insane talking to myself in my apartment and quit. 
I decided to just blog it and if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me! 
Edit: I forgot to include! Eyeshadow shade is in Antiqued! 
1. Foundation: Link | Link
On days I’m not shooting I just use Bare Minerals BB Primer. I’m obsessed with the texture of primers, so adding a tint in it is great for daytime. Makeup Forever HD foundation has been my favorite right now for shooting and meetings. It covers all the imperfections but still manages to look light! I blend both in with a flat top brush. If I need concealer I use this
2. Brows: Link
Anastasia is the queen of brows and I’ve been using dip brow religiously since summer. When I first went they gave me a shade way too dark, so I really suggest just choosing your hair color! My shade is blonde and much much better. It was a scary week using the other shade, y’all. Also get the brush, otherwise this is just a mess in a jar. 
3. Contour: Link
Contouring is my favorite. I know some makeup artists despise it, but I’m a fan. If you’re a little Swede like me, it gives your face a lot of much needed depth. I’m currently using this Smashbox kit and love it. If you want some more shade options, the Anastasia kit is amazing! The easiest way to contour is just to make a “3” shape on your face and then also go down the side of your nose. Take the lighter colors right under your eye and on the bridge of your nose. 
4. Blush: Link
A few summers ago I read Emily Maynard used Bare Minerals blush, and I [the leader of her cult] went out and bought them in every shade. I use my Bobbi Brown blush brush, and Fruit Cocktail is my favorite shade. I love their blushes because although they are a powder, they give a really creamy finish. 
5. Highlighter: Link
No glitter. All glow. I bathe in this highlighter. On my cheekbones, on my arms, everywhere. Playing favorites with your makeup must haves is kind of like picking a favorite of your children. So I’ll just say this highlighter is like my first born. I’m obsessed. 
6. Blend: Link
Blend. Everything. In. I use this stippling brush to blend all the contouring and blush in. If anything seems a little much I just dampen a beauty blender and blend it with that. 
7. Conceal: Link
This is probably where all my makeup guru friends are about to dye, but I do my under eye concealer at this point. Because I’m so fair if I do it before anything else, it doesn’t really show up. This YSL highlight is really light and just melts in your skin. I just make an upside down triangle under my eye and then blend with a damp beauty blender.
8. Liner: Link
This is where my makeup routine differs day to day. If I’m just running errands or with friends I just apply mascara and that’s it. If I’m having a girls night I’ll apply eyeshadow [which I will explain below!], but if I’m working or having meetings I’ll use this liner. I use MAC Pearl Glide liner in the shade Black Swan and just dab it on my lids. This is seriously such an amazing texture of eyeliner and I can barely work with anything else. Then I take an eyeliner brush and blend “up.” This gets the color to melt upwards and just blends into your skin, so you don’t get a harsh line. 
9. Mascara: Link
I typically use whatever mascara I have lying around, but if you really want length and volume, this mascara is amazing. I can only really use one coat or I start to look a little too Dolly Parton. As if that is ever a bad thing in my world. 😉 
10. Shadow: Link
I talked about this shadow over the weekend in my product review, and I could still keep ranting and raving over it. I don’t care what color hair you have or the undertones in your skin, this shadow fits all! 
11. Lipstick: Link
I feel like I play magical chairs with my lipstick each morning, but I typically always grab something in a pink-nude shade. This one has a really nice texture and never looks too heavy! Which is amazing because half the time I walk in meetings thinking my lipstick looks great, and walk out wondering who drugged me and kissed me, because it is gone. This just blends into your natural lip color and you are left with a light pink stain the rest of the day. The shade is Rose Libertin. 
If you have any other questions feel free to let me know! 🙂 

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  1. What a coincidence! I was literally debating between the Smashbox and Anastasia contouring kit like two hours ago. I am definitely going to stop by sephora on my way home from work tonight. We have similar skin tone so that made my decision a little bit easier!

    Published 29 Dec 14Reply
  2. I LOVE this. I love hearing about other people’s makeup routines. I definitely need to get my hands on the dip brow pomade. I’ve heard such awesome things and this sealed the deal!


    Published 29 Dec 14Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    What is the shade of concealer that you use?

    Published 29 Dec 14Reply
  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! Your makeup always looks flawless 🙂

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 30 Dec 14Reply
  5. Maybe it is because I, too, love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, but I love reading about the makeup products bloggers wear! Your makeup is always on point, so it’s awesome to learn about what you use each day. I am really interested to try the Bare Minerals blush.

    ~ Christina

    Published 30 Dec 14Reply