Champagne and Crown

Before I fell in love with clothes, I fell in love with flowers. Growing up my grandmother owned a flower shop. My mom would pop me in the back of her car on the weekends and we would drive up to Oklahoma. I would spend my Saturdays at the ripe age of 4 eating donut holes and listening to my mom talk about what colors and arrangements were appropriate for specific occasions. Then she would take the money she made on Sunday and we would drive back to the Fort Worth Neiman Marcus. So naturally, I love flower crowns. Flowers to accessorize your clothes? Brilliant. I’d gotten a lot of e-mails asking about where to get flower crowns. Here is your answer ladies (and boyfriends): RLove Floral Designs

Raquel is a true artist. The Jesus of flowers. I have spent hours staring at her gallery and contemplating how to get my friends engaged so we can have bouquets like this. I had the pleasure of meeting her, and she is even sweeter in person. I started wondering why do we not gift flower crowns?! What a perfect birthday, breakup or just because present! If someone walked in my birthday dinner with a flower crown for me I would give them my entire cake I would be so excited. We send flowers to our girlfriends at work to make their desk less depressing, but wearing a flower crown at work makes it even better. [sorry corporate America, I don’t do you.] How do we start this tradition? By learning to make them! Raquel is offering flower crown classes, called “Champagne and Crowns.” Count me in…
We are planing one for all my Dallas girlies, so if you would like to be included please e-mail me at!
The price is $45 for light bites, champagne and all the flowers you can put in your Disney Princess hair. 
So e-mail me and let’s start giving flower crowns instead of Forever 21 bracelets that will stain our wrists green!

Lime Bracelet: Sira & Mara

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  1. Where are your outfit and shoes from?

    Published 09 Jun 14Reply
  2. The pictures with the links are listed above. The shows are sold out but those are the most similar! 🙂

    Published 09 Jun 14Reply
  3. OMG! I love this post. I could not agree more about the flower crowns! One of my friends that just got engaged is thinking about flower crowns for her wedding. Me feeling the same way as you about flower crowns I really hope she ends up doing them. Wish I lived in Texas so I could attend the event.


    Published 13 Jun 14Reply