Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Am I the only one who was skeptical about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I wasn’t a cardholder and I guess I thought, “Great…I could get a Burberry Coat on sale for $75 less…because that is realistic in Texas….”
Then, I looked at the accessories. Now, I can’t praise Nordstrom enough. I’ve pulled my favorite “Katey” picks for you, and of course it’s a homage to all the neutral smoke show pieces [go ahead and urban dictionary that one]. Nude palettes, handbags, booties, a fall statement shoe and the only nail polish set you need [which may or may not be on the Nordstrom Sale…but we all need it]?! 
If you invest in ONE thing on this board, while I would love to tell you to buy two of the Phillip Lim’s and send one my way, it is one of the Rebecca Minkoff bags. Most of the time if I skimp on spending money on a handbag, I regret it within a month. I promise, once your bag’s handle breaks in the middle of the mall you wish you would have spent the extra money [no, that has never happened to me before….]. Rebecca Minkoff is so well-priced for a designer bag, and all of her pieces I have I love more than any Gucci bag I’ve ever owned. The girl knows what she is doing. 
You can shop this board below today if you are a cardholder, Friday if you aren’t, and if none of these strike your fancy I’ve included a roundup of some Nordstrom favorites under $50! 
//Shop The Board//

//Shop My Nordstrom Favorites under $50//

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