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I had a post scheduled for today, but just thought some girl talk and instagram catch up might be more fun! I wanted to hear from you all! What are your favorite posts? What posts do you want to see more of? What posts don’t totally help you out?! [I know my readers are all different ages, but I just wanted to see if something didn’t apply :)]. 
I have some fun new posts lined up regarding career spotlights [because I get so many e-mails a week regarding what I do, I wanted to give you girls some fun options]. I just wish you all could come to Dallas and I could feed you Mi Cocina margaritas and queso while we discuss, but we can’t. Side note: why can’t you all live here?! So just feel free to e-mail me or leave me a little comment!

Pink Swatch[armageddon]

Top // Shoes [same brand different color]

My little paintings! E-mail me if interested!
I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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  1. Maybe more photos of your apartment decor! =) Everything is so bright and looks awesome together! I already have ideas for my space due to your some of your older photos!

    Published 13 Aug 14Reply
  2. I always love seeing your posts, regardless of what they are about!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 13 Aug 14Reply
  3. I’m totally off subject here (love your Insta as is) but I wish your links would open through a new tab instead of taking me away from your blog page! I would totally chow down on some Mi Co guac with you any time. Nom! Looking forward to your career posts.

    Published 13 Aug 14Reply
  4. Aw!:( I can’t really change that! I’m sorry! Just right click and click “open in a new tab” 🙂

    Published 13 Aug 14Reply
  5. Letting us in on behind the scenes stuff, like how you schedule, how you balance, what your typical morning routine is, random things like that would be really fun! And some more personal stuff because you have such a sweet heart and it is always awesome getting to see more of it! ❤️

    Published 13 Aug 14Reply
  6. I am interested in some of your paintings! How can I see them and order, etc

    Published 13 Aug 14Reply
  7. I would love to learn more about your paintings and how you got started creating them. And as the season changes I would love to hear your tips on building a solid fall wardrobe!

    Thanks for the pretty pictures today :]

    Published 14 Aug 14Reply
  8. You seriously take some of the best pictures! #lifeenvy I can’t wait for your career posts!


    Published 14 Aug 14Reply