Go Kendra

I may live and play in Dallas, but there is one place in this world that I love the most: Fort Worth. I’m a Fort Worth girl born & raised, and honestly struggled A LOT when I moved to Dallas. And by struggled a lot I mean I cried to my mother daily, told my boyfriend every weekend he needed to pack me up so I could move home and I think I told every waiter in Dallas that would listen I really liked Fort Worth better. I don’t do so well with change…
But now that I am acclimated, and have apologized to Dallas for being so harsh in the beginning, Kendra Scott goes and makes Fort Worth even better.
Fort Worth girls, Kendra has arrived. 

Kendra Scott opens in University Park Village (where the Barnes & Noble was!) on July 28th! Go buy all the purple jewels your TCU heart desires and I may be there picking out every tassel necklace I can find. I’ve got some more exciting news about Kendra Scott that I can’t wait to share (oh and it mixes with TCU!) but I’ve got to save that, so stay tuned. 
If you’re a Dallas girl and haven’t ventured out to Fort Worth, stop by this location. It is the Highland Park Village of Fort Worth, but with J.Crew and blue margaritas at Blue Mesa. 
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  1. emily wrote:

    yay!! im so excited!!! 🙂
    xoxo, emily


    Published 24 Jul 14Reply
  2. That neon dress absolutely POPS with that clutch. And I loves me some Kendra Scott.
    xo Chelsea

    Published 29 Jul 14Reply