Over. The. Knee

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If there is one thing I have fallen in love with this season, it would be my over-the-knee boots. I have never in my life owned a pair of more versatile shoes and I talk about them to anyone who will listen.
I was actually reading a blog post a week ago where a girl said they just weren’t practical and I was legitimately confused. Granted, I think she meant you couldn’t wear them to work, but if you work in a corporate environment you can’t wear 99.99% of things you see on a fashion blog there. #depressing

I realized I had been in her same boat a year ago. I loved the “trend” but didn’t really know if I could pull them off with anything other than pants, for fear of looking like I was recently single heading to a club. [Now I refuse to call them a trend, because they aren’t and haven’t ever gone anywhere. They are a staple.]
These boots are all about proportions and when worn correctly, give your body a really slender shape. Sure, we all know you can wear them with leather leggings or darker denim, but that’s almost like only using a sports car on the weekend. You aren’t getting their full potential. 
Over-the-knee boots are great for wearing shorts, skirts and dresses in the winter. They keep you warm, while allowing you to break up your layers and show a hint of skin or dimension, which in turn makes you look like you just ran a marathon. Get it girl. My favorite way to wear them has been with a baggy sweater from Forever 21 and loose shorts. For all you sweet sorority girls e-mailing me asking what the heck you wear out in the winter, these are for you! 
Pair them with a cable-knit sweater dress and blazer for brunch or tights and a skirt to pull a Serena van der  Woodsen. I even prefer these to my riding boots with leather leggings just because they add such a little touch of luxe to your wardrobe. 
Now is a great time to stock up on them because you can wear them into March, but most are on sale! I pulled my favorites online for you and you may have to dig. A lot are up to 60% off so they only have a few sizes left, but I tried to really incorporate all sizes. 
So get your Serena on, and over the knee it up.

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  1. I just got a pair of over the knee boots and I love them! I need the ice to go away so I can wear them!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 22 Jan 15Reply
  2. You nailed it! I’m wearing a pair right now.

    <3 L

    Published 22 Jan 15Reply
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks Katey – great article!

    I wear OTK boots all the time, and they can go with just about anything:) I even wear my suede ones to the office with a longer skirt. Always getting compliments on them.


    Published 23 Jan 15Reply