Style Inspo: Boho

This week’s round up is the boho girl. The Kate Mosses of the world. My sister fits into this category and I absolutely love how well she styles herself. It doesn’t matter if we are going to a concert or brunch she has on some form of crop top with a waterfall braid. These girls don’t stray too far from their signature and that is why we love them.
If you are a boho girl you take vacation time from work for Coachella and prefer Free People to Nordstrom. Your hairstyle is braids, more braids and iced with a flower crown. You rocked rompers before we all had the guts to wear them and you are the ultimate laid-back sweetheart. Your dream Christmas gift is a Chloe cross body along with a pair of Free People booties. You drink your iced soy latte alongside an organic salad and spend your weekends in Austin, TX. This style isn’t about being a free spirit, but rather effortless. You don’t look like you spent any time getting ready, but you do look pulled together because each piece fits your style perfectly. You’ll probably elope or have a wedding on a mountain, but one thing is for sure, you’ll have the best dressed kids and they will look something like this.

If the boho look intimidates you [because sometimes it intimidates me] take it in neutral doses like I’ve posted below, you can still pair it with pink lipstick and teased hair! 

Dress: A laced romper is the perfect alternative to something floral. Just make sure you have tan and glowing skin with this.
Jewels: You aren’t one for a statement necklace, but dainty pieces like this hinge bracelet are a must.
Bag: A fringe cross body is expected, a calf hair bucket backpack takes that up just one notch!
Shoes: If only they had had these metallic Birkenstocks in 5th grade, we’d have all been the coolest girls in school.
Accessories:Protects your face from the sun and covers up unwashed hair, perfect. I’ll take two of these.
Makeup: You say no to the smokey eye and bright lip, but dewy skin is your staple. This tinted moisturizer illuminates and protects.
Hair: Boho girls invented mermaid hair, so why not wash with it, too?

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