Spring Trends

All White: Sundress: Link | Bag: Link | Top: Link | Shoes: Link
Seventies: Jeans: Link
Rose: Mask: Link | Nail Polish: Link
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Bucket Bags: Bag: Link | Bag: Link
No more leather pants. No more dark liner. And no more looking like one big mush of a sweater. Spring is here! While our first instinct is to run and buy every floral print in sight, I wanted to share some easy spring trends to help guide your purchases this season!
Think of spring 2015 like the Sienna Miller boho bestie you never had. Everything is about the bohemian next door [think Seventies chic, not necessarily Coachella]. Here are my favorite takeaway trends!
All White
All white is your spring uniform. Don’t worry about wearing all stark white, you can add in blush, creams and linen for texture. It looks clean and crisp while giving your skin a glow before it hits the beach. White accessories used to have a “tacky” feel to them, but now they’ve been promoted to It-Girl status and I’m pretty excited about it!


This is Rachel Zoe’s favorite trend to wear, and I’m definitely hopping on board. Add wide leg denim to your Canadian Tuxedo look with some wedges or peasant tops for date nights!


Rose is the beauty trend for spring. Pile on lots of mascara and make sure to use rose-infused beauty products. This gives you that supermodel, natural glow. Bite your lip for 30 seconds and pick a lip shade that matches that!


Being from Texas, fringe is second nature. I wore it on my dance costumes. I wear it on my neck. And I pick up every pair of shoe that has it. If this is a little intimidating to you [it’s okay, Texans are extreme] just add touches of it with your accessories!


Bucket Bags
Something about the bucket bag says, “I’m stylish, but I don’t care. I’m too busy running off to a music festival.” It makes your look extremely effortless and we all know I can use a dose of that every now and then! 😉
What is your favorite spring trend?!
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  1. Lindsey wrote:

    Love all the white options! So happy it’s Spring again. Wish I could attend your Blogging 101 event 🙁 I live in CA so I think that’s out of the question #sadstory

    Stay Styled,
    Instagram: stay_styled
    Blog: http://staystyledblog.com/

    Published 08 Apr 15Reply
  2. Jessica wrote:

    I love that your spring picks don’t include florals (always makes me think of Miranda in the Devil Wears Prada, “florals? for spring? groundbreaking…” LOL). I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more white into my closet and love this! Thanks for the inspo xx
    Dirty Blonde Barrage

    Published 10 Apr 15Reply