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This week we are covering: The Stylist. Last week was the Classic Girl, all you Lauren Conrad’s. This week we are branching out, a little lot. This is what most of my personal style is I hope you all love it as much as I do!

If you’re the stylist, you love Erica Pelosini and you most likely blog. You do extremes. You’re either bleach blonde or dark brown, either way you don’t brush your hair. It is in messy waves [that you claim are natural] or a top knot. People always ask you your nail polish color, and you have no earthly clue because you get manicures while sipping your green juice of the day. You probably work in styling, print or PR and are on your phone all. day. long. Your dream Christmas gift is a Phillip Lim in a color other than black and add in this calf hair clutch to be safe. Friday nights you drink champs with your boyfriend and he knows to not get you a halo setting. You wear lipstick to the drug store and your friends always ask you to help them edit their Instagram. You aren’t the type to host Thanksgiving, that’s for the Classic Girl, but everyone knows you will give them the best and most thoughtful Christmas Gift, because you know your sister would never buy herself the Chanel Espadrilles and she deserves it.

Dress: You wear crop tops and minis to work, because you have no dress code, you create it. 
Jewels: Bibs aren’t for babies, they are for your neck.
Home Decor: Mod candles are thrown all over your home along with Chanel boxes and lucite chairs. When the wax is gone you fill your jar with fresh candles, of course.
Bag: A bright chic mini bag doubles as a clutch for all your after work champagne dates.
Makeup: Mac Heroine. Because you don’t smile in your outfit selfies, so you need a bold lip.
Nails: Dark and some brand new Chanel shade.
Must Have: You’re always on your phone so a designer case is the only thing that makes sense.
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