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Yesterday I was feeling like the worst Texas girl because I had no idea Josh Abbott cheated on his wife and it was scandalous on twitter months ago. [If you have no idea who Josh Abbott is and why that even matters and how “She’s like Texas” is an entire lie, no worries, just make a trip down here soon.] But then I realized who wakes up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday to blog about eyelashes? A Texas girl, so I’m back to normal. 
I’ve blogged about lashes and some amazing mascara here but always thought you had to pile mascara on. Granted, my mother is Native American and gave me lashes longer than Venus Fly Traps, but that doesn’t mean they have ever looked good au naturel. A few weeks ago, Britany Marshall Beauty the girl behind these locks gave me some NutraLuxe Lash. It’s like Lastisse and I was really excited for the thickening aspect! But then I panicked and had heard Lastisee practically does everything except make you go blind. I researched NutraLuxe Lash for days and found it is all natural and won’t hurt you. I used it the week before and the week during Cabo. I came back and haven’t used makeup this week, to the point Paul asked me if I had showered. [that’s how shocking it is for me to not wear mascara.] 
When your lashes look good, your face looks pulled together makeup or not! If you want to order some, too you can go here
So if you got bit by the natural bug too this summer, I’ve given you my favorite products for my 5-minute face! 
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  1. Haley wrote:

    I remember when all of that went down… It was awful! I follow both him & his wife & it broke my heart!! Never like seeing a marriage fail 🙁 especially a singer who’s sweet songs you love so much!!!

    Published 05 Aug 14Reply