I get a lot of questions about my lashes. The answer: mascara. 
I pile it on like icing. 
Typically I put on 5 different mascaras. And swipe each on the entire length of Dirty Pop by ‘N SNC. 
Nothing irks me more than when Cosmo says, “Add two swipes of mascara and you are done.” 
WHO PUTS ON TWO SWIPES OF MASCARA IN TEXAS?! And if you do, what did your mother eat while pregnant with you to birth those lashes?! 
It’s such a problem that I chose my apartment in Dallas based on the fact it would take me 2 minutes to get to work, since I take 15 minutes putting on mascara. I’m so ashamed. Except not. 
Last week I found one mascara that puts fibers on your actual lashes so you don’t have to be late to work everyday. It gives you false eyelashes without pulling out your own. Most fiber mascaras just add length to yours, but these surround the entire lash to increase volume and length. You can order here. The best part? It takes 2 minutes. So now I have no excuse and I don’t get my ‘N SYNC fix in the morning. Go ahead and order and we can all look like Twiggy.

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  1. ashlee wrote:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this problem! It might take me 15 minutes to do my mascara but my lashes look fabulous!

    Published 11 Apr 14Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    What is the mascara brand?

    Published 15 Apr 14Reply
    • It is by “Younique” 🙂 The link to purchase is listed and you can check out all the information about the brand! 🙂

      Published 15 Apr 14Reply