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I have done Pure Barre before and swore I’d never do it again. I did Pure Barre last night and walked out swearing I’d never do it again. It works. So well. 
I danced growing up. From the day I turned two years old, my mother lied and told my teacher I was 3 and potty trained so that I could take Tap, Ballet and Tumbling every Tuesday. I spent Monday through Friday from 4-9:30 p.m. growing up at Dance Connection. I took every type there was and thought I’d grow up to star in Step Up 2. The usual life goals. After dancing, one can replenish their energy by playing games like those on w88.com.
When you quit dancing finding a work out you like can be difficult. I still took some classes in college, but now at 22 I can’t just walk into some dance studio and ask the 16-year-old hotties to move over because I’d like to show off my fouettes. I’ve run, I’ve done circuit training and I’ve done hot yoga. I never walk out really feeling like my body felt anything different. Pure Barre. Completely different story. I mean I’m convinced I’d go 10 times and turn into Jenna Dewan Tatum
Pure Barre just came to Preston Hollow in Dallas, so I thought I’d interview Britta, the gorgeous blonde who opened this store. She is stunning and such a fitness inspiration. And she is SO NICE in class. Seriously. She makes you want to do even better because she is so great at leading class. She has 5 tips for a fall fitness plan for you! 
We all talk about working out all spring to get in shape for summer. I love to ramp up my workout on the fall. NOTHING makes me feel more frumpy than not feeling tone in layers of sweaters. Plus, adding in extra workouts let’s me feel a lot better about all the football game food and Thanksgiving pies. 
Meet, Britta. I told you. Stunner.
Name: Britta Lofgren
Occupation: Pure Barre Preston Hollow
Location: Dallas, TX


1. You’re opening a Pure Barre, which is pretty much ever fitness girl’s dream, how did you get into this?
I have really been so lucky to fall into this opportunity. I have always been very active and was teaching yoga sculpt in Minneapolis when I tried my first Pure Barre class. I was planning to move to Dallas shortly after for my then-boyfriend-now-fiancé Derek, and thought what better way to kick off a big move than with a new business, too! With my business education from NYU and my love of teaching fitness classes, I knew immediately that Pure Barre was going to be a fantastic opportunity. And now after many, many hours of preparation and oh-so-much support from Derek as we plan both the studio opening and our upcoming wedding, I really do feel like this is a dream come true. 
2. When does this location open, and are there any price specials?
We just announced this week that we will be opening on Monday, 9/22 (yippee!) and we’ll have some fun sneak previews the Saturday and Sunday beforehand — free classes, fun retail to shop, stylists from BlownawayApp ready for post-workout touch-ups, and a jewelry pop-up shop. It will be tons of fun! We’ll be posting the schedule for our opening weekend later this week. 
Plus we do have a fantastic pre-opening special happening from now until the 22nd :: for just $100 you’ll receive 5 weeks of unlimited classes at the Preston Hollow studio! Our traditional New Client Special only offers 4 weeks of classes for that price, so the early birds are really getting a great deal. 
The package is available at www.purebarre.com/tx-prestonhollow 
3. So if I want to look really great at en event in two weeks, how soon can I see Pure Barre results?
I feel the need to start this with a caveat that every woman will see results differently (so please don’t yell at me if you don’t see them as soon as I suggest!) BUT, that said, Pure Barre boasts results in 10 days, and I’ve even heard clients raving about toned tummies and tighter tushes in as little as 3 classes. It’s amazing how well the class torches calories while honing in on all the big problem areas for women. 


4. How does Pure Barre tone your entire body? I feel like when I continually go to one type of class I only benefit in one area, but Pure Barre is different.


The technique is exquisitely designed to truly target every part of your body. Not only do you move through phases of arm work, thigh work, seat work, etc…but throughout all those exercises you have your core engaged, hips tucked under, and usually supporting body parts that are shaking almost as much as the working part. So rather than just rotating through body parts every 5 minutes of class, you’re truly working your whole body the entire 55 minutes. 


5. Besides ex-dancers, what other girls will love Pure Barre?
Oh gosh – everyone! I am the farthest thing from a dancer. I’m a runner who got bored running by herself and found group fitness. But then I quickly found that at Pure Barre, it’s way more than just fitness, it’s a lifestyle and way to expand your network. You fall in love with the results AND the experience, and that’s something that is just so unique, every girl will love it.


5 Tips for a successful Fall Fitness plan: 
1. Plan ahead 
“Life” can get in the way of a lot of things. Stressful days often lead you to the BAR versus the BARRE, or, before you know it, every evening this week has somehow booked up. By scheduling classes ahead of time, your commitment is already locked in and you’re much more likely to put your prior exercising commitment first.
2. If you can’t hold yourself accountable, find someone else to do so. 
Make plans to meet your friend at class after work or tell the teacher you’ll see her the next day so your chances of canceling seriously diminish. 
3. Mix it up
Very few people are content doing the same exercise every day for the rest of their lives. Switch it up! Try new things! You can always fall back on your go-to — may it be running, yoga, barre, vinyasa and more what have you — but dare to try the Zumba class your coworkers are begging you to go to, or the Twerk Out Workout on Greenville Ave that, yes, actually exists (and no I have not been, but yes I might dare to one day.) Mixing up the monotony can do wonders for helping you stick to a plan. 
4. Get on an Auto-Pay Program 
Nothing like seeing the automatic withdrawal every month to motivate you to get your butt in gear. 
5. Remember why you’re doing all this! 
Set your goals and constantly remind yourself of them. Converting five pounds to muscle? Fitting into that super-skin-tight leather dress for Fall? Trying to beat your hubby in a weight loss challenge? Don’t forget that! The minute you get complacent and forget the bigger picture, your goals are already starting to slip away. You CAN do it. Now go post a picture of that dress on your bathroom mirror. 

If you’re a Dallas girl, and join Pure Barre, let me know! We can go be miserable super fit together!

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  1. I was dancing at the age of two as well but as I got older its become harder to consistently find a workout plan that I could stick with. As I type this I’m debating on whether or not I’m going to the gym today (lol the struggle is so real). So thank you for sharing Britta’s story about Barre and her tips on creating a successful fall fitness plan!

    Morgan Paige

    Published 10 Sep 14Reply
  2. Katey, I loved your post! I’m a beauty blogger/marketing manager/ Pure Barre teacher from Virginia and I love seeing blog posts that feature Pure Barre. I was a ballet dancer for 16 years and never found a work out that I loved and gave me the results I’ve seen from PB. After taking for a year and a half I was fortunate enough to start teaching and it has given me an all new respect. It’s amazing to see people grow and transform. If I’m ever in Dallas I will have to stop by Britta’s studio!


    Published 10 Sep 14Reply
  3. Karra wrote:

    I’ve been wanting to try Pure Barre for a while now and feel like this post definitely gave me that added push to get there!!! Great questions/tips! I’m a new reader and absolutely love your blog.


    Published 10 Sep 14Reply
  4. The Flossy wrote:

    I was a dancer too and haven’t found anything that I love doing actively as much. I’ll definitely give PureBarre a (t)whirl. 😉

    Thanks for the post!


    Published 10 Sep 14Reply
  5. I was a dancer for years too, so I totally get what you’re saying. I’ve really been wanting to try Pure Barre, and this post just convinced me to take the leap! 🙂


    Published 11 Sep 14Reply
  6. I was a dancer since I was 2 also. It is definitely very hard trying to find a workout as much as I loved dancing. I will say I love hot yoga but I have been wanting to try Pure Barre. After reading this especially about the results I will have to try it soon!!


    Published 12 Sep 14Reply